Continued happy owner of 2007 Country Coach Magna with updated HMS365 display and WiFi/RVC app. When installed the tech did not calibrate the system to properly display the levels of the black / grey / fresh water tanks. Is there a document that describes the procedure to calibrate the display to the true tank levels?

Submitted by Art on Thu, 2018-12-20 08:40


If mentioned to the tech installing your Android app, he probably would have made time to explain or help with this process. Mentioning it now is less helpful. Notwithstanding, you may accomplish the calibration (for very small deviations in accuracy) from your HMS365 touch panel. To get started, arrange your day to have a few free minutes after dumping the tanks in contention. Once drained, tap your way to the dry-cal menu on that touch panel: ...down to and press... (at keypad) 42 Choose a specific tank now empty and press that button (only) eg. Continue with the second and third as you've actually emptied. [That remotely tells the TM102 to punch an offset needed to make that point '0' for that tank] If the offset is needed for sensors in use for many years, they are probably beginning to fail. In fact, if you find in a month or so you need to repeat the process, its definitely so. We can continue to shift this scale by zeroing it out for many cycles. However, eventually you will find the limit as the tank filled-level will be reached with ever decreasing increments. Here's hoping they keep to themselves for a good long time. cheers Art //