so it had been 2 years since i got my VMSpc.. and ive cruised this little shirt bus all over the place.. well the bus was getting some upgrades, so i thought it right to check for updates on the VMSpc... I updated to 4.0.8, and find that the screen frequently hangs... my gauges work for a few seconds then hang for 20 or 30 seconds then work again, repeat.. going back to 4.0.5. and all works perfectly again. im using my same layout file for both. so it brings up some questions.. 1. when I first got the VMS I noted that some parameters dont show up.. namely PID 164 which is my ICP (HPOP on the T-444E).. however every other scan tool i use shows it up.. I had noticed in the later notes for the software here that noted are fixing parameters not showing up.. any chance 164 is getting in there?? it appears PID 164 is sent as a second parameter in a multi-set.. what it seems is that the VMS only reads single parameter sets.. I even wrote a program of my own which I was able to read 164 out of the stream.. yeah its important.. for us HEUI engine users.. 2. are there firmware updates in the last 2 years for my VMSpc "box" and if so, how do I get them? 3. I also noticed on 4.0.8 that a clock ends up super-imposed over the area where mt DTC codes are supposed to show (if i have any).. I have my clock at the top of the screen, how do I get rid of that one? it doesnt do that on 4.0.5 4. is there a way ti set up the VMS to do a custom Poll for PID;s that may not be sent in the normal continuous stream? noted in the J1708 spec are PID;s that are by request and I want to snag those .. when I use the program I wrote i can tell it to grab the data for any PID i wish. (im using a different device. {a raw J1708/J1939 commdevice} so of course id rather ise the VMS because I have the nice GUI screens!. -Christopher

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oh i forgot to ask, how do i make a new engine file? I upgraded my turbo and reprogrammed my computer for 230 HP.. Im not sure if i'll take it up to 250 or not, or run it back at 210.. whcihever one gives me the best compromise of power and MPG I will set it at.. the current engine file is 190HP I think.. this is for the Navistar T-444E 7.3 litre V-8 diesel -Christopher

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Hello Christopher Regarding the numbered list: [1] There are many propriety PGNs IHC/Navstar which we have not ported over. I recall us discussing this a couple years ago. These still are not parsed. I will ask our coder for the upcoming version if this can be made part of the mix. He will ask for a complete list of those, with FMIs and Parameters. You can email that to [2] The current firmware is TM501_v1.15_09-24-2018.hex That may be updated by sending it in; $50 + postage. Or, you may use a serial programmer (as you seem to have all the cool-tools) and and the 'Flip' program. Get the firmware by email or web-link... [2b] The current version Auto detects 250k or 500k engines, Parses standard J1708 and J1939 SAE codes. A board mod is done when transitioning to v1.14 by replacing the 22Mhz xtal with a 30Mhz. v1.15 adds TST TPMS ability (as seen in v4.1+) to be released SW. [3] There are two similar gauges, a standard and traditional clock and the Diags Gauge. The latter will display the time unless there is an active fault. While its active, the gauge will switch from clock to diags. At that point you may dismiss this gauge for some duration. The manual explains this for those with Acrobat readers or a printer. The deletion of a gauge is the same, regardless of the version. See the manual. [4] No. sorry. cheers Art //