I took my first trip with the new VMSpc installed an I am more than happy with it...but I'm a big ol' geek anyway. I'm having some gps issues but that's for a different forum. I was getting some weird diagnostic codes and a can NOT seem to figure these out.....see below. Any help would be appreciated. I have downloaded a few different CAT code lists but can't see to sort this out. 1998 CAT 3126 300HP Diagnostic History File Feel free to add notes to this file, but do not move or delete. SRC TPE ID MD COMPONENT MODE MM/DD/YY HH:MM ============================================================================= ENG SID 120 77 UNKNOWN COMPONENT Low Reading 10/21/18 10:42 ENG PID 184 32 Instantaneous Fuel Economy High Reading 10/21/18 11:38 ENG SID 184 45 UNKNOWN COMPONENT Low Reading 10/21/18 12:47 ENG SID 184 88 UNKNOWN COMPONENT Bad Program 10/23/18 12:13 ENG SID 184 30 UNKNOWN COMPONENT Special Error 10/23/18 17:14