Does the VMS 330 still utilize the Aladdin Main box or does it just plug into the J1939 and convert the data itself and then display it on my dash monitor? And what are the VMS333, VMS350 Also I don't see the prices anywhere on any of your products. Bob

Submitted by Art on Tue, 2018-10-30 13:14


Its more like the latter. Hi Bob. The '330 displays its own parsed data onto your backup monitor, just as you suspected. The retail prices for the '333 is $995 and $1145 for the VMS350. The VMS333 is just a more filled-out and faster '330. Faster processor, more memory--and more focus on house-side and Video. The '330 has, what, 3+1 gauges? That is, a Top gauge and 3 below it. The '333 has 3-sets-of-3 plus that one on top. So, the first page on both Drive Screens are the same. But, roll the knob and it will flip to another Drive page on the '333, top gauge remains the same, next 3 below are shown. Roll again--and another 3. Hence 333. Total: 13 The VMS350 is a '333 with a scratch more video capability. Otherwise identical to the '333, it differs only by adding Six (6) more video inputs and 4 more outputs. Much more configurable for the customers with special video needs. Car haulers and some special 'toy' haulers do have 11 or more cameras we need to be able to switch between. In this way we can 'chain up' several of these bigger units. There's even a TM350 unit--which has all this switching ability (7x5) which only does just that. Skipped are anything supporting specifically the engine monitoring. We see this in Newmar coaches where we'll have a TM350 combined with a glass dash or VMS of some sort. Hope this helps That said, the VMS350 for use with the Aladdin is almost complete; last touches of the software are being made and tested. Expected release timeframe is December. cheers Art //