Submitted by Connor Shields on Mon, 2018-10-08 11:19

VMSpc Demo

NOTE - the new version of VMSpc is upcoming. We we're releasing a version based on the 4.x technology; this didn't work out in a predictable way. We needed to just start over, ground-up, something not done in its 20-year history. The new version will have the sizeable-rectangles (as ever before) and round gauges. We're also finalizing the TST 20-tire interface for that new line of products. It's currently in development and will be released as soon as we have a stable version. Along with being able to monitor up to 20 tires, it will give real-time reports on pressure, temperature, leak status, and more. The VMSpc interface makes using the TST simple, giving you easy access to the knowledge you need on the road. As always, when ready, this new version will be found on the downloads page, and additional information about TST, bug fixes, and other updates is listed in the VMSpc Forum. Downloads are always free and no log-in or passwords or log-in required. Want to be a beta-tester? email us and we'll add you to our list of beta testers we have a release ready.