I am attempting to install and use my old JR500 J1708 JIB on a new tablet. It is a Asus 10.1 (T100HA). I am using my HA005 harness 12pin that came with my unit. The new Asus does not have a full size usb type A port only a usb type C so I bought an adapter. When I try to locate the JIB connection it is not highlighted in "Blue" as it says in the instructions. I installed the newest version of the VMSpc software instead of the older one I had been using could this be a problem?

Submitted by Art on Fri, 2018-10-05 09:02


Hello Gerry The new (v4.1) will work fine on your coach--though, I will add that its due to an improvement over v4.0.8. That's a bit beside the question, as you're needing help on the USB side, really. Still, install the latest software as anything before it is going to be a bit lackluster on your model. Now, on the USB... You havn't mentioned the device driver. Since your Asus has a 'C' connection I'm presuming it has Windows-10. Win10 is pretty good about sorting out devices designed for it. However, its not very good at 'grandfathering in' older devices designed for Win-XP or 7. Most of the original Serial-to-USB adapters won't work on Win10. If it didn't show up on your list, Win10 didn't figure it out--that means yours aged-out. Sorry. My best advice is to get online, plan being to spend in the $10 range for a new one. Use search terms: Serial USB Win 10 A quick Amazon search found them at $7 cheers Art //