I used my VMSpc for the first time today, and am very happy with it on the RCA Cambio. However, I am missing some display info and am hoping the VMSpc experts on the forum can help. I have a CAT 330 engine, and have selected that in the Engine Type menu. I show engine load fine. Here is what I am missing on my display… Horsepower: Displays 0 HP Torque: Displays 0 FTLB Odometer: Only displays Fuel Gallons, displays 0.0 for Distance Miles, Speed MPH, and Economy MPG. Can anyone help me to get the system to display the correct parameters for those items? Also, when my Engine Load graph reaches 80%, it turns from green to yellow. It stays yellow to 100%. Can someone tell me about operating the engine in the yellow zone? Thanks, Chris

Submitted by brhodes51 on Fri, 2018-08-24 13:31


You need to scan your engine computer for the correct PIDS and then change the affected gauge to read the correct PID number. Select each gauge one at a time. The color changes for the engine load graph are part of the same as the correct PID number under the Parameter Editor under the Advanced Tab at the top. Or read the manual from the download section which has pictures and explains the above.

bhrhodes, Thanks for the advice. I selected the correct engine. I sniffed the PID's and the PID's for HP and Torque are the same in the Parameter Editor as in the downloaded PID's. Not sure what is going on...

Submitted by Art on Fri, 2018-08-31 10:32


Hey there Chris, Hiya Rhodes I suspect this is a v4.0.8 software bug. You haven't mentioned the rev you're on--yet, I'm suspicious. If you are using the new software, instead, install the v3.0 and reassess. This next month we should be done with 4.0.9--Conner is hammering away at J1708 parsing just now (and so salient to what you describe;) the path forward is looking good. The coloring is generic and, as Rhodes pointed out, can be tweaked in Parameter Editor. The limits are not as intuitive as I'd like. And I'd like the PID sniffer and Param' editor combined into one (more usable tool). But, alas, not yet... I'm hopeful 4.1.x will have this. cheers Art //

Art, I am using Distribution V4.08, however, when I click on Help it shows V4.07. I finally got around to loading V3 and I still have the same issue: Horsepower and Torque not showing. Any other suggestions on how to get Torque and Horsepower to display? Thanks, Chris

Hello Chris If both programs agree--in showing you '0' for these, its not the program or jib. But then...you also mention being able to see the load-sensor value as okay. That means its a software bug. Huh? Okay...thats a real stumper... If its a software bug, everyone would have the same problem. I think this is a translation issue...but I'll have to get with the coder to understand how that would play out. In the mean time, what year is your coach, and, which databus do you have selected; J1708 or J1939 (or Both)? Art //

Hi Art, I have a 2007 Fleetwood Discovery 39V with a CAT C7 engine. I will have to go to the coach to connect the unit to check which databus is selected. With the unit sitting on my desk it shows Databus - Not Set, PC port failure. Will get out there in a day or so. Thanks, Chris

Hi Art, I went out to the coach today and got some data. I downloaded V4.1, so I had V4.08 and V4.1 on my tablet. I ran both programs with the coach in gear with the parking brake on. On both versions I got an Engine Loading display of about 30%, but no Torque or Horsepower. V4.08 [IMG]http://i64.tinypic.com/2m425x1.jpg[/IMG] V4.1 [IMG]http://i67.tinypic.com/20qyuja.jpg[/IMG] The selected databus was J1798, selected by the program, and both for troubleshooting. Thanks, Chris

Submitted by Art on Tue, 2018-09-04 17:20


I've seen the round gauges--they are coming together nicely. Hey folks--we've got a tall order for the version 4.0.9 coder. He's not only learning the system and new programming tricks, but also sorting out the gotchas' we ran into with trying to parse-backwards. That's what I call it, anyway. At any rate, he's found a 'shift' problem in the code; apparently it *does* matter if a column of info is slightly offset. So he's found these offsets and so next we'll be testing it on our donor coach: 1997 Safari Sahara. The numeral in the middle of the gauge still seems puny--so he's working on that. He does have the TST parsing built, so that's good. He's tweaking on the Tankminder just now. All must be modded to add the "Radial Gauge" options... However...I would like to add, version 3.0 is a very stable program and is currently being used by thousands. A person would do well to stick that and not experiment with 4.0.anything for now. Its no longer a beta--but the bugs and gaps remain. So, if you can help us identify, define and work through critically the bugs--thats great!! If you define this process by using the *er, h'hem* 'failures' then, well, v2.5 or v3.0 should just be your go-to for now.... Its an important process--bringing you something new and fun--And Usable. However, all steps lead forward and, I've found, none begin with the word 'failure.' cheers Art //

Submitted by Romeo1800 on Mon, 2018-10-29 19:45


I decided to take a "FEW DAYS" to configure and color all my normal Ver 2.5. gauges in prep for Ver 4.0.1. What I found is that, once again, coloring Day Time gauges with custom colors causes the Default Night Time colors to show as the set Day Time colors... so when I switch to Night Time I get the custom colors I set for Day Time and NOT the Default Night Time colors. I want the Default Night Time colors to show at night. Forgot some info; Win ver 7 (netbook) 2000 Dutch Star, Cummins 8.3, 300hp Ron

Submitted by Chris on Mon, 2019-05-13 21:03


I still have the no torque and HP issue. I tried V3.0 and still no luck. All other parameters display properly, although the road speed and cruise set speed jump about 5 mph.

I have a 330 HP CAT C7 engine and have selected that engine parameter. I have reloaded the program a few times. I have reloaded the drivers a few times.

The PID sniffer says that the torque and HP values are derived. What are they derived from? Could there be an issue with those values?

After 9 months of trying different things I'd really like to get this figured out. I know that I am not the only one that is experiencing this problem...

Submitted by Art on Mon, 2019-08-19 14:26


The values for torque and horsepower are derived from a lookup table using two factors to sort out the actual output(s). These two factors are Engine-Load (PID 92) and Engine Speed (PID 190). With these, the table created by the Engine OEM is cross-referenced for the derived value.

If you're not seeing these it could be for one...or several reasons.

1. One not so obvious one has nothing to do with our program, but a simple 'convenience' introduced by Microsoft with Win-10. They made a default setting to _Not Show_ File Extensions of Known File Types. Here's a link to follow for undoing that. This also keeps our program from seeing the file extension.

2. Blank PIDs - Check out those two factors, making sure they're seeing real data, not zeros.

3. Off chance here...a maybe... it could be that the J1708/ J1587 parsing in your particular jib is faulty. We see this where the chip doesn't outright fail, but, in combination with internal timing and how the j1708 data are batched (and sent via USB) a given gauge never gets updates. See, the jib grabs a small armload of data, formats it for USB and sends it onto the PC. Where it starts grabbing from, and where it stops (for a return trip) is not randomised...but happens at the exact same spot, every time. Missed once its always missed. A jib update with a faster clock and updated firmware can do wonders. If you can see valid data (PID sniffer) for those two factors, this is not likely however.

If after ruling out Possibilities 1 and 2 you still don't have success, you could send in the jib for an update to see if that works around the issue. We saw that the clock update, designed entirely around 2017-and-newer engines made unexpected improvements to the J1708 parsing. That was another good reason to just start over with VMSpc v5.0, too.