I have the VMSpc with the 6 pin usb connector that I used with my Cummins 400 motor. I have now have a Detroit Diesel 515hp and noticed that there is a DDEC version module. Can I use the 6 pin I have or do I need a new wire or module?? I do have my 6 pin version installed and it seems like everything works - except the speed jumps all over the place

Submitted by Art on Fri, 2018-08-31 10:23


Yes. Hey Cool--the physical layout is different (as you've pointed out)--yet the data are the same. Why the Speed jumps is not obvious unless you're using the v4.x software. We're even just now rebuilding the 4.0.8 release. This includes some significant J1708 parsing fixes. The gaps in functionality with the new software is much like you describe...so, it may be 'us.' You could try the v3.0 software, as a way to proof this. Or, the v4.0.9 will be finished this next month; you could give that a try, then. cheers Art //