Hi All, I'd like to hear from anyone who has successfully merged VMSpc and PressurePro tire sensors. Currently, I'm running VMSpc, using J1708 into a serial-JIB. Works Great, no problems. Separately, I'm running the RV-Towed version of PressurePro (i.e. Model: APM1, Series: RVBPM16-RS232, Serial: 24059). I'm running 6 sensors for the coach, 4 sensors for the Towed, and have 2 sensors for each of the spare tires). It works fine, however, it is a real pain to scroll through - to see each individual tire pressure. So I can't do that while driving! WHICH IS WHY - MY END GOAL IS TO INTEGRATE IT INTO "VMSpc". So what I need, is something that can listen to the PressurePro sensors (or connect to my receiver) and then input the tire data into the JIB. According to Art, "Advantage PressurePro" USED to make a separate J1708 bridge-unit? But I don't know the model number.. or exactly how it worked? (Maybe it just replaces my current PressurePro receiver - or who knows??) This is why I'd like to hear from someone who actually did it. Then maybe - I can start a hunt, for the used hardware. Thanks All, Mike

Submitted by Bill H on Mon, 2018-07-30 18:52


Mike, Though I have a J1939 vs your 1708... maybe this will be helpful. Also, I am using a USB Jib vs your serial. I purchased the Pressure Pro Bridge from Art/Silverleaf back in March 2018. The notation for the bridge on the invoice is as follows. Pressure Pro Bridge 16-B.2 F93-2602 CFG-Generic. The price from the bridge alone was $295. As I have done this, what I needed along with that was a cable to run from the diagnostic J1939 plug found near the engine to the area just in front of the drive axle, plus an antenna and bracket. Also a 5 foot antenna extension. Art had me check that the dash 9 pin to the VMSpc module cable had wires on the pins to send the tire data back up to the module. System works great though I am currently looking for information to see how I can transfer tire data from 4.06 to 4.08 without removing and re-learning all 12 sensors. Bill