My motorhome has a 12 pin Allison Diagnostic plug under the dash, I cannot find any other plug there. Using google I found a product called VMSPC12 at RVUPGRADES, would that one connect directly into the 12 pin plug in my RV? Is RVUPGRADES an authorized dealer of Silverleaf products and carries same warranty and support as provided those who purchase directly from Silverleaf? Does Silverleaf have a 12 pin version on their web site and I just missed it? Thanks Ray

Submitted by Art on Mon, 2018-07-23 13:19


Our VMSpc can have many different cabling setups: Pigtail, 6-pin (Deutsch), 9-pin (Deutsch) and 12-pin ALDL/DDEC. Hello Ray--we package up the combo RV-Upgrades indicates they'd like to ship. As we don't have a sales section on the site, there are just a few references to any single style connection; perhaps in the forum or product page. That said, orders directly with us are by phone, just like your tech support. We felt it best to offer through a vendor with a slight break in price. Otherwise its all the same equipment. The outlay for the 12-pin ALDL is the same as the other styles; $395. I hope this helps cheers Art //

Thanks, Art. Well, as you know I have already received the kit with the 12 pin connector and it all worked out except I am still having the problem with the engine data dropping out after an hour or so of being on the road when I get only transmission data. Have been under the weather for a couple of weeks so wasn't able to get back to you and set up some more efforts to resolve this. Hope to be able to call you this week. Ray