Here are some issues I've noticed. They are not necessarily new at 4.0.8 which I've just upgraded to. - Coolant gauge always has a red indicator even though the level is at 100%. I've included the parms [inline:Coolant Gauge Setup.PNG=Parms] and how it looks on the screen. [inline:Coolant Gauge Appearance.PNG=Screen] - Gear indicator is only reporting the gear attained not the gear selected. I've included a screenshot of how this looks on the screen. Before you say it, it's the same for drive and reverse too. [inline:Transmission Gear Appearance.PNG=Gear] - It would be helpful to have scroll bars on the main screen. I use this in portrait mode, but design in landscape mode. When in landscape mode I can't see the bottom part of my custom page because I can't scroll. - When I try to reset the fuelminder or odometer by double clicking they don't seem to work correctly afterwards. It does work correctly if the "Fill" or "Reset" buttons are used. - For the tankminder could an option be added to use the actual fuel level if the engine provides that data? I have a Freightliner chassis with Cummins engine. PID 96 is the parameter I can use for actual fuel level. I would think you'd want to average the last n values as it fluctuates a bit. I find that the tankminder is great if you don't have this data, but due to fluctuations in temperature, etc it's not as good as having a reported value if available. - It would be helpful to allow a Text type gauge to be multi-line. I don't see any way to put in a line break or format in any way. - Designing would be easier if you could group gauges. Then be able to size and move as a group. - An upgrade process when rolling out new software would be helpful. I don't see anything that tells me what files should be copied from the old release directory to the new release directory. Maybe there should be an upgrade file in the distribution disk files that would do this copy for you. Thanks

Submitted by Art on Sat, 2018-05-26 20:16


However... It shows I haven't been diligent enough to show folks that when giving feedback--and its the current build--to use the (example) v4.0.8 Feedback topic. Also, perhaps its obscure, but I maintain a list of known issues (still to fix) known as the bug fix list--just for that build. I feel bad you made such an effort to upload images and give specific feedback without these being understood. So, lets start over here. What year of engine or coach model year are you working with? Pre 1998...2004... 2017? This is pretty important--at least add this to your handle. Otherwise I'm guessing and wasting both your time And mine. The only new issue here seems to be the Coolant level--both RED and 100%. Okay...that's odd. you really have that sensor installed? Most RVs do not have one tied to the engine databus. Please... the year of your coach and, does this PID show up in the PID sniffer? Value? Our program is not going to auto-arrange your gauges. If its mounted in landscape design the layout the same way. Lets start there. Art //

Submitted by grthomps on Mon, 2018-05-28 12:45


I have a 2016 Newmar Ventana LE. Freightliner XCR chassis, Cummins ISB 6.7-360. I'll get that updated on my handle. I added the screen shot from the PID sniffer to the main post. Now one could argue that's not actually coolant level, but the parameter is returning 100% nonetheless. The issue with portrait and landscape is when I use it its in portrait mode. But with a surface pro you have to attach the keyboard landscape. So trying to change things that way is difficult. Seems like the window would add scrollbars like other windows apps so I could scroll to the bottom, but it doesn't. Did you see the part about the tankminder? Has that already been requested? Thanks, Gregg

Submitted by Art on Thu, 2018-05-31 16:48


Hello Gregg There's a few items on the wish-list which are becoming both more usable and popular. One of these are the reported fuel--as seen on newer coaches. That and round gauges are on the to-do for this upcoming build v4.0.9 Along with that *fingers crossed* may be a push-button for Fill Tank. We'll see... Art //