I have a 2005 Tiffin Phaeton 40QDH, it has the Freightliner Information system installed but I can’t find the J1708 or J1939 connector. I think that because the Freightliner display is installed it is wired to the ECU directly. The Freightliner display has a connector that looks like the one that goes into the Silverleaf Jib, a rectangular plug with 2 rows of 3 pins, is that right, no pigtail needed? The Freightliner display shows front and rear Air pressure and also fuel tank level. (I had read that fuel tank level is not normally available through the ECU but it looks like it must be connected in my case to be able to display on the Freightliner display?). These are gauges that don’t seem to be available as standard with VMSpc but I think that perhaps they might show up with the pid sniffer correct? If so will the Fuel tank level be available and can it then be used to calculate and display available distance?

Submitted by Mark Overholser on Fri, 2018-05-18 16:10


Even if the Freightliner Information Centre is directly connected to the Engine Data Bus, there will still be a Diagnostic Plug available to Technician Tools... It will be a Round Gray 6-pin or Round Black 9-pin. The Engine and Transmission Data don't contain Air Pressure or Fuel Level, ( although in the 2010's, DPF and Fuel Level were added to the J1939 Data Bus, as well as Air Pressure ) The Freightliner Information Centre most likely is tied into the Fuel Sender and the Air Senders to get this information... ( on the SilverLeaf Digital Dashes, we have to provide or connect into existing sensors to display this information, except in the case of newer Coaches that have this information available ) MarkO