I just loaded the new software on my laptop (Windows 7) and ran into a couple of issues. Art helped on the issue of no com between engine and Jib by changing the data base to J1708. I did receive info on the screen once the change was made but now I'm trying to sync the ODO with the VMS. In looking in the Advanced drop down window it repeatably indicates "Failure between eng and JIB. If I request a reboot to the port I then get the MFS failure. 1999 ICS350, Country Coach. Any help is appreciated. Bill

Submitted by Art on Thu, 2018-05-10 16:22


Hello Bill To sync ODO (as seen on the dash) and VMSpc (as reported by the ECU) use the 'Engine Correction' menu. Its under 'Advanced.' The manual is also able to describe that process but in better detail. Its from that sub-menu where you can put in an offset. The expected result will be in the last box on the right. One can also poke in a 'factor'--very helpful if you know that, say, after 100 or so miles the odometer creeps further off. But...there's a caveat to all this. If you align everything to match the _dash_ ODO, you're carefully aligning your efforts and maths to an imperfect odometer. Its best to do any corrections using the GPS as a reference. Then you can know actual miles traveled, the actual factor of ...accumulated 'drift'?...to a 'T.' One compromise is often to match the PC to the dash--just for the smoother optics. Then, use the GPS vs. PC/ECU as a division problem, entering the result as a pos. or neg. factor in the box. This might look like a factor of .008 or -.008 (just a rough example of what we typically see.) --Your mileage may vary ;-) The "Failure between Engine and Jib" error can have many root causes.** Its pretty likely your intervention to 'Restart Port' wasn't needed however. If the data are flowing, its more likely they are 'noisy' and the program is tripping over so much error correction...or lack of it--and is trying to indicate the issue. Its not a show stopper but one I've seen some times before. If the gauges are otherwise displaying the engine data, ignore the error status; resolving that on the coach-side is beyond the scope of the PC. cheers Art // **Ultimately, its a USB port timing issue. Trying to resync these, anymore, is almost fruitless as the data rates have gotten very high compared to when that feature was first introduced some 12 years ago.