I'm sure this has been asked before but I can't find the answer. Just loaded up the VMSpc and connected to my 1999 ICS 350 in my Country Coach. Oil pressure is stuck at 55. Never changes. Gauge on coach will move up down but VMS does not change. I know I'm missing something here. I am trying to sync the odometer with the one on the coach. My actual miles are 181,531. The drop down window reads 1,259,559.25. The PID is at 245. Thanks for any help. BTW this is my first post so I'm new to the forum.

Submitted by Art on Sun, 2018-05-06 09:36


Hello Bill The posts and discussion on the ISC reading 55psi goes back over the last decade. I found them all by searching for "55 psi" (without quotes) and so won't spend a lot of time, again, on it. I will say, however, its normal and expected. Do a search for the complete picture. Art //

Submitted by Art on Sun, 2018-05-06 09:40


That million-mile reading is odd. I wonder if there's a stray value in the offset. To start with, click through: (Advanced)... ... (Engine corrections) Find the Odometer Offset, make sure there isn't some huge number there. Art //