Can you recommend a Round diagnostic cable extension (the 1 foot cable is just too short to mount the JIB on my firewall.) Thanks

Submitted by Art on Wed, 2018-05-02 08:41


Hello TJ We have a longer one in stock, the HA004, at about 5-feet. If you give a call we can exchange cables. However--you may not like the results. We found the new 500kbaud and bandwidth increase for 2017+ chassis problematic. As you know perhaps, we had to pull a hat trick with changing the PC software, jib firmware *and* internal crystal to catch up with this new standard. The forth element was a shorter cable; the longer one was not as predictable and, on some chassis, would cause an occasional MIL light on the dash. Will yours? Maybe. So, the question boils down to an experiment and it being worth shipping costs. We'll swap you cables--they're close enough in price. But, if it acts as anticipated, you'll eat shipping again. Alternatively, you may purchase a cable outright ($29.95) and set up your own controlled experiment. Give it some thought; we're flexible and yet don't want you to have unnecessary expenses...or outcomes. cheers Art //

Submitted by tmorgan01 on Tue, 2018-06-12 10:42


Art I need inched not feet. Even though the JIB is in the floor it hasnt been a problem. Ill leave 'well enough' alone. Thanks, Thomas