Hello I have the vmspc system in my coach. It is a 1999 american eagle with a cummins 350 hp engine. I see that there is a new updated program and wonder if I should download it. My system (vmspc v2.5 b10p) Thanks John

Submitted by Art on Sun, 2018-04-08 16:31


Hello John, I would say yes, give it a try. Though it will install in a new subdirectory under c:\vmspc... it will however overwrite the Launch Icon currently on your desktop. So, first, some housekeeping. Rename the current desktop VMSpc icon to something (anything) else. VMSpc 2.5 would be a logical choice. Then, install the new program. Third thing on the list then is to rename the New icon. Maybe VMSpc 4.0.8 On the current download--as your coach is a '99-- you'll need to change the defaulting data bus from J1939 to J1708. I'll be uploading a corrected version soon (which will default to "Both.") This is done in the Communications window. That completes the install. As you know, the device-driver (and COM port) won't be affected by this change. The rest is just setting up your new layout, perhaps using the new copy-n-paste method (see the new manual 4xB) and/or using one of the new samples. I've tossed together some samples in a directory of the same name. Particularly sharp is sample #6; based roughly on a 10" tablet such as the RCA Cambio. The ReadMe.txt file in that Samples folder explains how to do this. Be sure to report back your findings in the feedback topic "4.0.8 Software Feedback" at the very top of the User Forum entry page. cheers Art //