How does one go about purchasing the VMCsp 9 pin WiFi?

Submitted by Art on Tue, 2018-03-20 13:18


The WiFi version for the VMSpc has slowly come to an end. I wasn't aware there were still a mention of it on the website--its since been removed. Thank Microsofts' aggressive social-media platform Windows-10. It actively disconnects our unit, in search of the cloud, yet won't reconnect (the jib) when it can't get there. We struggled with developing a patch or workaround--finally giving up. Its too bad; it was a neat solution for some. Yet...on the other hand, it really only created a choice: "One cable or Two?" After all, the tablet will only hold out as long as the battery and so is usually plugged in. Reminiscing isn't like it used to be! With Win-7 (and, for a while with Win-8) the WiFi worked pretty good. If you have Win-7 and still want one it can be had, just give a call. However, when you get updated to or "migrated forcibly" to Win-10 you'll be stuck. Perhaps better to choose the '2-cable option and be done. cheers Art //

Art Got the USB kit and tried it out today and I got engine readings! Will be mounting it above the windshield. Per your recommendation i got the RCA unit. Using WiFi I connect to the RCA using TeamViewer from my laptop. That lets me control the RCA and do any programming and other changes without taking it down. Still need engine file for the Cummins 6.7 ISB 360 hp. Thanks for the great product Thomas