Just a question on my 645, When Dale hooked all 3 camera's to dash we were having a problem with side camera's not working so we reprogrammed dash to show rear camera when using turn signals. It worked for a while then stopped working. Now every once in a great while it will show rear camera. Is there a fix for this?

Submitted by Art on Thu, 2018-03-15 08:21


Yes, there's a fix--but the forum , as an open discussion, seems like a pretty slow, pensive--though conversational--approach. But, here we are. I'm wondering why the side cameras weren't wired in. Are they the same age as the (now failed) backup camera? Could the rear camera have aged-out...failed due to age? If I was standing there with my tool bag and mug of coffee, I'd be substituting in a video source to the input that was completed; the rear. It could be anything. A VCR or DVD player works great. There's a few video inputs on the back, in all likelihood only one is being used, and that's for the rear camera. After substituting the VCR for the camera, is *that* input seen (with a turn etc) and when the camera would/should be? Lets start there. cheers Art //

Submitted by bwmagellan on Thu, 2018-06-21 19:31


I have a VMS645 in my coach and when the generator is running the Dash reports both the engine and generator on the VMS645, water temp, tach and oil pressure, it alternates between the two at miscellaneous time frame. Is there a way to make it only report engine data only??? The coach has a Cummins ISX15 and the generator is a EPS 20kw.