Xantrex RS3000 inverter and 440 CL. It appears that my RS3000 is starting to have problems. Goes into fault mode when changing incoming shore power. Generator doesn't seem to have any problems. Takes many, many tries to clear the fault, what ever it is as the 440CL doesn't show what the fault is or at least I haven't found the way to show it. If I end up replacing the inverter what is a good, easy one to swap in?

Submitted by Art on Fri, 2018-03-02 09:24


Easy squeesy. Hello Deen, your coach was built using the first of the now-standard equipment seen in new Highlines. As such, its mostly ready for a newer inverter. The typical 'snap-in' replacement is the Freedom 3000SW. The only change or modification is a simple software 'switch' that needs to be thrown; otherwise it will connect in the same way as your current RS. That 'switch' needs to be done with our Omniscope tool--either here at the factory or at a shop where they have the tool. Whats' your region or area you'll be in when the inverter swap-out may be made? With that info I can probably find a dealer/ tech who can make this happen, without the hassle of sending in your unit (TM102). When you have a location in mind, reply here and I'll find you a tech...hopefully not too far flung. cheers Art //

Submitted by deen on Fri, 2019-11-08 10:22


I hope I didn't make a mistake by buying the Magnum Hybred instead!
Getting ready to have a Surge Guard 40350RVC installed and the Magnum inverter. Will need to co-ordinate with Silverleaf to update the interface to the whole house control.