Hi Art. Tried v4.0.7, and still not seeing the gear selected in the transmission gauge. I even tried installing a second transmission gauge, and it's working exactly like the first. When I run VMSpc without the box connected, I am seeing both question marks. However, when the box is connected, the gear selection question mark will appear for 3-5 seconds, then disappear. I've tried it with both the ignition on and off (my J1939 is always hot), and get the same results both ways. I've also tried with both the ISL 450 and ISL9 450 engine files, and still get the same result on my Jan 2015 dated ISL. Dewey 2015 Tiffin Allegro Bus 45LP

Submitted by Art on Mon, 2018-01-29 12:53


Yup. I just found the same thing over the weekend. The new version has a couple bug fixes for other things; though it actually fixed several issues, we didn't anticipate it would help this missing item. We also saw this missing numeral on v4.0.5 and 6. As far as I can tell, over several software versions and dozens of changes, the remaining issue is how the ISL sends out messages. If its similar to the other coach I worked with (earlier) your also see the "CAN Cycle Size" has ratcheted itself up to 255. The software does so when it can't keep up with a higher volume of bum data; it will throw in a longer pause between groups to parse things out more effectively. Normally this would sit at '0.' I suspect that, while the software is able to re-time things, the jib (the black box) is not able to also manage this as effectively, dropping some bits of data from the stream. On the ISL, in this context, the group affected is the one carrying the Gear Selected. While its not a critical item, it is one I'd like fixed, as well yourself I'd imagine. So, I'm devising a couple hardware experiments as a fix. Its only going to fix, probably, ISL data issues...but... one dragon at a time, hey? Stay tuned... Art //