I am looking at getting the VMSpc. Can someone explain how the logging works. What I would like for it to do is automatically start logging when it is running. How does it name the log files? Does it have a new name for each time it starts logging, does it over write the last file or keep adding to the file. Also I am buying a MotorHome with a Cummings ILS9 450HP. Is the 9 pin JIB with USB still the best way to go?

Submitted by Art on Fri, 2018-01-26 10:02


Hello 'Rider The logging can be done two ways, both have generic names (by default) until you change them; that's done typically at the time you create it. A 'Datalog' logs those things selected in the little app. You tick off the things you want tracked (Max coolant temp, Oil Pressure...whatever...), name the file, set the Time Interval to capture, select Start then hit okay. It will then record just these items for the time its running. When the time you've alloted is up, open the little app again, select . Each item is shown as simple data, separated by a comma. Not very fancy... yet very usable for scanning downwards, tracking a trend or event.
Notepad will open the file, as saved to the home folder, c:\VMSpc\... (for v3.x and earlier software) or c:\VMSpc\4.0.x\... for the latest v4.x software. It is going to show you data in a format you will recognise--its human friendly...
A 'Raw Log' is a more complete log. Its Everything nerd friendly! -Its also one that's good for snapshots in some seconds or up to a few minutes--as it grows in size very quickly. Lots of engine, trans and ABS messages--in a raw, PGN format. It may not be useful to the owner as its the low level language of the engine.
The raw file can be emailed to us for an exam, usually as requested by your tech, in the event you're seeing some odd behaviors or significant changes in performance.
See the manual for use with the version 4.x software, version 4xB (series 4, any version, second release(ie B)) page 24 and 25. cheers Art //