Have a Silverleaf Fault code as follows and trying to find out what may be the cause & remedy; 2017 NEWMAR ESSEX (801212) RV-C DIAG CODES DC-SYSTEM 2048 (1-0-0) 7 FAULT UNKNOWN MECH Other info: Coach is currently connected to shore power (50A) DC POWER SCREEN INDICATES: 13.6V <<< FLOAT 14A AC POWER SCREEN INDICATES SHORE POWER ON 3A 123V 0A 125V Only observed problem that I can determine is the the BATTERY DISCONNECT does not appear to be functioning. When I select either the DISC switch in the silver leaf panel or my DISC switch door side, neither will activate and does not turn the 12V lights, etc. off. I do seem to hear the "clicking" of a relay in the back of the coach (possibly in the electrical basement compartment but cannot tell as I am by myself when attempting to activate the DISC. Also noteworthy to add is I have checked all my 12V fuses and all are ok. Need advice on what to look for / and how to troubleshoot DC Fault Code.

Submitted by Art on Thu, 2018-01-04 08:24


Hello Rick That error code is not one we expect to see--and it is appearing at the same time you're experiencing a relay issue. That relay may be the charge bridge, which should be dropping out. Give us a bit of time to work out this error--as the charge bridge feedback, as far as we know, was never wired in by Newmar. Maybe they have--which explains why there's an error--just not the correct one. I'm glad you found this. BRB. We'll need to dig into this and also come up with a solution... Art //

Submitted by Art on Wed, 2018-01-17 08:41


Yes. I still had a couple questions pending (which are for Newmar) but for now, yes, I have updated info on this. The problem seems to be the Charge Bridge Solenoid, as you suspected, as its located in the shore cord compartment. We're not really in a position to troubleshoot this solenoid--though its much like any other large solenoid or relay. However, that said, I can spell out what I understand the problem probably is. The wiring change which makes detecting a bad solenoid possible is giving specific feedback to your Silverleaf system. The goal was to give feedback in case the solenoid failed to 'change states.' If it was open, we need to detect it closing and visa versa. The contacts failing will create this condition. It may 'click' but isn't actually changing states. The fact that it produces this error makes it pretty clear: its contacts are not be detected as closing...or opening...as predicted. In theory, no further troubleshooting is necessary. In practice, a fellow could measure this with a volt meter...but I digress. At this point, it would appear the charge bridge solenoid needs a little personal attention from a local tech for probable replacement. Given the price of diesel and travel expenses, you'd have a better handle on whether a $25 solenoid should be replaced in-warranty or out of pocket. So, that's what we know of system error 2048 (1-0-0) 7 cheers Art //