Hi, I am new to the forum and have a new to me 2006 Country Coach Magna. It came with very little documentation and I am trying to figure out how to change the AutoCharger setting from disabled to enabled. I've attempted to change it in the VMS but had no success. I do have a Total Coach Service panel but there is no place to make a change to AutoCharger. My steps have been as follows: VMS - Select SPEC once and land on the Genstart Status page where the only thing selectable is the Sync to VMS. The page shows AutoCharger disabled and I cannot scroll to the AutoCharger line. I then press SPEC again and I land on the Genstart Settings page, I scroll down to highlight AutoCharger push the button then land on the highlighted disabled option. I turn the nob but it I cannot change the disabled to enabled. BTW, my tank readings are completely off but that is a discussion for another post. Am I supposed to be able to select AutoCharger from the status page or is there somewhere else you go to change that setting? Thanks in advance for all your help. Regards, JFerrer 2006 Magna Rembrandt

Submitted by Art on Wed, 2018-01-17 11:00


Hello JFerrer The takeaway, at first blush, is likely a failing/ failed charger. There's for the most part no reason it would show 'disabled' unless it was lacking input power or an internal failure. If it does have input power but is not charging your batteries its easily within the realm of possibility that your Prosine has quit. That would be my working hypothesis while troubleshooting. This may have a cascading effect which is unfortunate but not unexpected. The 2006 was the last install-year for a portion of the Silverleaf support equipment. A new, more sustainable set made its first debut in 2007. Its now the defacto standard across our OEMs, with few changes, since. The older equipment was designed for existing inverter/ chargers, transfer switches and other major pieces in production at the time. In 2007 we shifted to an open RV-C "CAN bus" comm standard as the older-style Prosines (etc) were being phased out or shut down. Given the recession...it was often the latter. If you've lost a Prosine, you've also lost the ability to get the DC measurment-and-contol over these units until they are both upgraded. The Xantrex (Freedom SW) is a common replacement, but one which can't 'talk' to the older SL equipment...until its upgraded. Clear as mud? Call for details...and have a look on this forum for other, helpful info. cheers Art //