Hey folks, We're exploring an idea called the Magic Button. Imagine a gauge which acts like a simple On-Off switch (or something). Then, lets say your jib had some ability to turn something on...and off. What would that be? An LED map light comes to mind. But... what else, hmmm? And, somehow, if it had this ability to act like a switch, how many of these should there be? Your thoughts? Art //

Submitted by 1CoolZ71 on Wed, 2017-10-25 14:20


How about the ability to turn the jib itself on and off? Mine is on even when the coach is turned off making it a parasite stealing battery power thats not needed.

Submitted by Art on Mon, 2017-10-30 11:41


Hello TC Great idea--not sure if would work but first we need ideas. Then...we'll work out the details! On that parasitic load, your transmission and Engine ECM/ECU are also powered up when you find there is power in the diags socket. That power is being delivered to all the chassis computers. If its on a key switch, then when keys off, all units power down completely. If you're seeing power-on at the jib with the key off, the whole system is live, drawing power...all the time. The standard for (most all) mfgr's across all years is to key-switch power the computers. Some, from time to time have broke this. Its not a good practice as it ages all the 'CMs prematurely. This includes the VMSpc and TPMS (PressurePro etc) bridge module. fyi cheers Art //

Submitted by Art on Tue, 2018-05-01 23:14


I like it. How about ones for: Max-Gauge(s) reset Fill Clear Diags Warning (acknowledge/ignore) Reset Odometer Day-Night (force change in theme) Hey TJ, there's a lot of possibilities here. Art //