I have been using V 4.03 on an old XP machine for several years. I just downloaded V 4.0.6b to a Windows 10 tablet. The text inside the gauges is a light brown color and the values are in white. On my older screen they were both black and much easier to read. The manual has only a sentence or two about changing text color that is not of much use to me. Thanks

Submitted by Art on Tue, 2017-08-22 17:14


Hello Richard The color palette options are seen under the Day/ Night top line menu. A default palette has the selection you mentioned and in this version you may choose a different 'canned' combination or create a couple custom ones. This is also where you may set the timer on the day-night schedule for auto adapting to a more subdued scheme as light fades. Hope this helps Art //

Submitted by RichardW on Sun, 2017-08-27 14:10


Thanks Art, I had missed the instructions about Day/Night. Now I have another, more serious problem. I cannot get the VMSpc to talk to my tablet. I have tried comm port 3,4 and 1. My tablet has only one USB which it calls comm 1. On ports 3 and 4 I get a status of, "PC Port Failure". On comm port 1 I GET, "failure between JIB & PC". I switched out the USB cable, no difference. Also, I separately downloaded the drivers. I totally uninstalled VMSpc and then downloaded it again and installed it with the same results. Throughout all this I have regularly switched back and forth between my old Windows xp machine and this new Windows 10 tablet. The xp works just fine. Apparently I am missing something in the instruction manual. Thanks

Submitted by Art on Wed, 2017-08-30 11:10


It may be your USB is being called COM-1...but I doubt it really. Windows reserves this for a mouse or keyboard...or some other simple serial device. Use the tools within VMSpc to sort this out: Within the program, under the 'Advanced' heading, choose Communications. At the bottom of the Comm window, hit the button 'Check Device Manager.' Look for the section 'Ports (COM & LPT)' Look for the device called VMSPC Virtual Serial Port. Note its COM port number ie... 3, 4, 9--whatever... Close that window. Back in the Comm Settings window, either select that port at the top or use the button. That button 'Scan for JIB Connections' will automate the process. Press that button, it should highlight in blue the same port you saw in device manager. If not, then 'click' on the one it should have. Then press OK. At this point, it should be normalised. Let me know if it isn't; we'll get this sorted out! cheers Art //