Greetings... I tested v4, but it looks like v3 is still the way to go for me for now (still not getting the gear selected in the transmission gauge for starters). Before firing v3 back up, I ran the PID sniffer in v4 and grabbed some screen shots because of my OCDness. Anyway, I noticed that the PID sniffer in v4 gave me a 412 PID for EGR, which does not come up in v3's PID sniffer. Would I be able to get a working EGR gauge in v3 if I copied all the parameters from the EGR gauge in v4? Thanks in advance.

Submitted by Art on Wed, 2017-08-30 11:15


Good question. I suspect you could just add a gauge in Parameter Editor with that PID for v3.x. I'm not sure if we're not parsing 412 or just not able to see it with the older program however. Easy enough to try; no harm, no foul. [ By the way, my sister explained to me that its not OCD-- its CDO. The letters are *obviously* in the wrong order!!! ;-) ] Art //