I am the happy owner of a 2007 Country Coach Magna 630 with aVMS240 with the recent upgrade to a HMS360 display and iPhone app control. I can't seem to connect the RVCair app to the TM550. In looking at the manual for it I have a green light for power and a solid blue for communication. The red light is a steady rapid flashing. On the phone I can connect to the TM550 and have passed the password stage and have put in the current IP address it is broadcasting. However there is no data transfer on the RVCair app. The TM550 is HW v2.0 with software v2.02. The RVCair is v1.12. I have tried resetting the the TM550 with the reset button and have disconnected to hopefully repower. Any advice to connect would be appreciated.

Submitted by Art on Sun, 2017-08-06 18:53


Hello Scott There isn't a quick solution I can offer via the forum. Give a call when you're freed up this coming week so we can review your installation and maybe sort out where the gaps are. This will likely hinge on where the data are coming from and making some measurements with a volt meter. With that in hand we can look for the 2.4v we expect on *each* of the data wires (with the black lead grounded.) cheers Art //