When starting Silverleaf 4.06, messages telling me that a couple of files failed to load display briefly (too briefly to copy down). Could that be why the trip odometer displays zero for miles, mpg, and hours? The simple odometer and fuel meter are displaying correctly, as are rolling and instantaneous mpg. (J1708 6-pin, cummins ISC 350). Computer is an Alpha Switch running Win 10.

Submitted by Art on Mon, 2017-08-07 14:10


Hello Frank The problem you describe will likely interrupt the ability to capture the Mileage stats. I'm not sure the cause of the failure but I'm betting it can be fixed with re-running the installer. Be sure that the gauge layout is saved with a unique name--the reinstall *will* overwrite default files. This includes default.scr.xml The device driver can remain as-is; no need to reinstall that. Keep me posted cheers Art //