I have a 2017 Newmar Essex. I am having problems getting Rozie to stay connected. In my earlier attempts at getting it work I called Newmar customer service. Their view was it had probably gone into sleep mode and I should remove the HMS-365 touch panel, get access to the Telematics Gateway (TM-555), and then unplug the main connector to reset it. The system came back to life, but only for a few hours. I repeated the procedure, this time it stayed up for about 24 hours, then went off-line/back to sleep. The "reconnect" button on the touchscreen doesn't seem to help. Right now I'm into de-powering/rebooting it each time this occurs. Do you have any idea what the problem might be?

Submitted by Art on Tue, 2017-07-25 09:52


Hello Roger This is a tough one. Something is being reset or restarted with that power-cycle you're having to do...but its not clear what. With hitting the Reconnect you've taken some things out of the equation; thank you. Now its down to spotting a subtle difference in its operation or, actually, its stuckness. My question is more like Is it sleeping or is it hung? Spot the red LED near the Main plug--which you're so deftly replugging. At the time of that action, is it still flashing quickly, slowly or not at all? This tells us how we need to jump; slowly tells us its stuck waiting as it can't find/ talk on your RV-C network. [The comms wiring throughout the coach.] Quickly flashing tells us its still working...at something...just not communicating to the WiFi ranger/ router. And, lastly, not flashing (and though not very likely) means its hung, stuck, frozen or otherwise lost its heartbeat. Not good--but whether this or another pattern, it will help us drill into what is being restarted when you have to pull the plug. So, take a look at that LED--then give us a call or reply so we can help get this off your plate. cheers Art //

Art Thanks for your response. Right now, the system is still working, 24+ hours since I last reset it. But, before I last reset it I went in and changed some of the settings ... disabling the three cameras. The capture settings were as the coach and myrozie page were as originally set up (every minute), so I was wondering whether there's some sort of limit in data bandwidth, or even a data file limit, that causes it to back up, hang and just shut down. That would be in line with one of the earlier trips, when I inadvertently generated an alert (every 30 seconds) after draining the fresh water tank and leaving it empty for several days. I had incorrectly set the notification information and was unaware of the alert until I logged in and saw the record of multiple alerts. Anyway, the system tripped some time during this process. I have now tried to set the alerts I really want, and disable some others, as well as hopefully minimize the data requirements. Am I on to something here, or should the system and data recording process be able to handle this volume of data? I am assuming that the 0.5 minute coach status and 1 minute camera status settings are the baseline SilverLeaf values. I guess I could also enable the cameras again, and see whether that causes another telematics trip. That would also let me check the LED status. Thanks Roger