7/24/17 INSTALLED v4.0.5 in our Windows 8.1 1 running in Parallels 10 Version 10.3.0 (29227) in MAC OS Sierra Version 10.12.4, configured & tested OK. Now, when we try to open it, all we get is “Error Reading File”. Sure wish there was a Mac version of the software.

Submitted by Art on Mon, 2017-07-24 16:53


Hello RH A couple questions: Which version (of the two) of installers did you choose? -and-- Did you otherwise let the installer use the default directories? cheers Art //

Submitted by rmeusborn on Sat, 2017-07-29 10:03


Art, In answer to your question, we used"Install_Drivers.exe." AND “VMSpcSetup” and Yes, we let the installer use the default directories Thanks

Submitted by Art on Sun, 2017-08-06 19:15


Hello RH Ours is a pretty simplistic Windows program. However, we've found that while its portable, its getting pretty dependent on being installed in the C:\ drive native locations with also the screen layouts in the same folder. With a conventional Windows box, in the event of 'error reading file' the error is saying the file is missing or corrupted. When this is caused by a layout file, its because something broke it or it isn't where it started out, ie. c:\VMSpc\v4.0.6 but, maybe it was saved to another place. The program may have lost track of it. Opening a 'default' screen then closing the program will make it the defacto screen. Then, you may open the original you were working with or create a new one, saving it as something unique; RH_001_08-09-17 or hills_01... Temps_01 etc. Maybe thats all it will take. Broken generally means it was corrupted through some event--some times a failing hard drive, other times the program crashed but hadn't finished saving recent changes and broke it. Most the time, reinstalling the program fixes this--unless the drive is failing. I doubt that's the issue here so reinstalling is your best bet. I too wish there was an Apple version. Also, an Android an Linux version would make a lot of our users smile! However popular this product is, its an extremely small portion of what we do and so there's very little time to work on it, let alone return on hiring a software developer who can write code and manage the ongoing iTunes and Play Store back-end tasks. Seems quaint now; a DIY Windows program which requires some hand-holding and fiddling. But...that's its heritage and how it still lives on. So, reinstall. Remember to first make sure the screen layouts you may have created are saved with unique names. If left as 'default.scr.xml' they will be overwritten during the re-do. Keep me posted cheers Art //