With new software comes new opportunities and...maybe some bugs. Lets hear about your experiences and how this software is working out. --If you would, also let us know which Windows version you're on and which, prior, version of VMSpc you used. Thanks! Art //

Submitted by gsgriffin on Fri, 2017-08-11 19:06


10Windows 10 - Surface Pro 3. I had this problem with all versions of the software: randomly it crashes. I've reset my computer back to the basics and tried again. Still crashes. I will assume that there is some bad data coming in to the software, but this could be from the USB conversion of the engine data....no way to know? Is there a debugging data to see what causes the crash? I can go a couple hours without a crash, then suddenly down. May happen a few minutes later or an hour later, but have never gone a day without several crashes. Also, has always caused the computer to run with very high CPU usage and fan at full speed. Adding to this...for the first time, all of a sudden, HP and Torq stopped showing values. Everything else works....until it crashes randomly

Hello The crashing is not typical for this or other versions of the program. Given that all versions crash using that PC then the problems are rooted in that PC. Sounds crass, I know--but we don't really have the resources or motivation to debug individual computers. You may try manually changing the COM port to another (using Device Manager). The hanging is likely due to a USB hardware conflict. This can be when additional USB hubs are used or other USB devices as well. ON High CPU usage; its something I don't like either. Seems like a simple enough program, rather old school...shouldn't need a whole core or thread from the CPU. But it does. As a test, I just fired up version 1.3.4--one of the original builds. It took my CPU from moseying along at 52% load to 100%. Its not a high priority process; other processes can And Will bump it down when they need the CPUs undivided attention. What I've found is that powerful CPUs in small packages produce a lot of heat. Simple processors in cheap tablets have much less capacity, fewer internal 'goodies' and run cooler. For example, a common purchase for the VMSpc is the RCA Cambio 10" tablet. Doesn't crash, no fan, doesn't overheat...and all for $99.98 delivered, from Walmart. While it can't do ANYTHING else at the speed your Surface Pro can, it does do VMSpc great! The takeaway: pick your battles... I don't feel I've been that helpful--do call if you need a hand getting the COM port switched; it seems a practical and simple enough experiment in the mean time. cheers Art //

I will try the COM port and even new cables... I've been battling this since the very start. I replaced the Pro3 with a new one. Stripped down all programs and processes, but still have the problem. It also affects the tripminder. I see the data getting corrupted and suddenly milage and GPM goes off the charts. I would make a request that the VMS also add more tests to the incoming data to throw out what appears to be erroneous incoming data. When mileage goes from 9 to 893,439,438, there should be a simple test to know that the data wasn't right...ignore, wait for the batch... Might try the other device from RCA....never bought anything like this from them.

I tried changing the COM port to 99. I also purchased the Cambio, but that unit is really, really bad....too bad we can't make this software work really well on much better computers. I like showing people when we park the system I have, but I also have to explain that it crashes a lot while driving. I use EventGhost to automatically close all windows and restart when the crash happens. Otherwise, I'm driving down the road tying to click on close buttons and restart and full screen again. Not the best. I'll keep trying all kinds of ports and variation in the Advance com settings and such. Just like the problems in the tank minder data going screwy from time to time, might want to add in some more data validation checks around a standard deviation or something to help throw out erroneous data that might creep in and be causing these problems. Was really hoping for a rock solid program that just worked. Looked great for free download and setup. Then, buying the equipment from you and setting up to use, a little disappointed that I can't have it run consistently. I could be a good evangelist for your setup as I spend about 6-8 months on the road moving and parking next to people a lot. I'm a semi-evangelist now, but with caution to people that you really have to buy a piece of cr@p little computer (cambio) with a very small display and low resolution to be assured it works well. I haven't given up on you guys yet and will continue to work with it and hope for updates that solve erroneous data or provides more robust program integrity that avoids crashes. Should be doable. Not surer if it is a priority or not over features. I would consider program stability the most important feature of any program.

Submitted by gsgriffin on Wed, 2017-07-19 08:48


Windows 10 - Surface Pro 3 I was hoping that the new version would have resolved the problem. When I reset my tank minder, the data looks good. Driving down the road at some random point, I look down and I expect to get 874,234 miles from my tank of fuel!!! Awesome!!! Not true. All of the numbers go way out of whack and it happens on every trip. Never had it last very long except at the very, very beginning of use. Makes me wonder if the data history can record bad data and then rely on that moving forward which then will forever mess with me?

Submitted by cpat39 on Thu, 2017-07-20 15:19


This update fixed the JIB selection issue. Have not had a chance to test the actual driving experience. Would appreciate an option to just have clock in Diagnostic Panel. Pat Coleman 2000 Monaco Diplomat

Submitted by pfhays on Mon, 2017-07-24 17:06


Running 4.0.6 on Win 10 with a CAT C-10 engine and the odometer gage does not show distance. I've tried setting USB at 'both', J1708, and J1939. My coach doesn't have J1939 but thought I would give it a try. Nothing helps. Went back to 2.6.

Submitted by pfhays on Sun, 2017-07-30 06:55


Hmmm Thought maybe I might get a suggestion that might make 4.0.6 work with my setup. I do like the way I can set up the screen in V4 but I have to have a working odometer.

Submitted by gsgriffin on Mon, 2017-08-14 12:43


Like the idea of a background image. BIG problem is that gauges cannot have an invisible background. Try using the Star Trek image, for example. Three spaces for a circle, like an indicator circle, BUT if you put something there, the gauge background overwrites the template background and looks awful. Would be best to have an image that you can place whatever you want with invisible background to seamlessly overlay the template background. Not sure how the frames are presented, but even if background for gauges becomes a possibility, having a transparent GIF would be nice....please don't restrict to BMP...GIF or even PNG will give us a lot more flexibility and control as users. Even an animate Gif could provide some potentially awesome displays..

Submitted by gsgriffin on Sat, 2017-08-12 06:41


I don't understand why sometimes the gauges have borders and other times there are no borders. I would like to not have borders when using a background. How can we set this to remove the borders? at least when in full screen... little more testing on my Win 10 Surface Pro 3...when I switch to a different running app on the computer and switch back...the borders disappear...looks great. Click on a gauge and it reappears. I realize you need a border to click on for adjustments, but once I lock all the gauges, is there any reason for the border? Perhaps an additional menu check for "No Gauge Borders" that will become effective when I lock the gauges or making it an option for each gauge in their properties (this last option might be better and allow more control for the user)?

Submitted by gsgriffin on Sat, 2017-08-12 16:59


I would really like to know how often this is happening for others. Can't believe that my unmodified Microsoft Surface Po 3 running Microsoft Win 10 is the only device that has this happen to. If the program locks or freezes or the computer shuts down unexpectedly, most of the time when I try to restart it, there is an "Error Reading File" message and the program instantly crashes and closes. There should be a catch to this that allows the program to still load or skip bad values. Or, the program shouldn't be storing values and not saving them in such a way that an unexpected closure crashes everything and won't reload. This really needs to be fixed or explained more prominently, assuming there are many, many more out there having the same problem.

Submitted by gsgriffin on Sun, 2017-08-13 18:20


I had the histogram working fine on previous versions, but now....just a straight line at the bottom. There is movement across, but nothing goes up at all. Tried reinstalled. Deleted and replaced the gauge. Tried different gauge items to be displayed. Nothing ever shows but a baseline. Anyone else have this working?

Submitted by gsgriffin on Mon, 2017-08-14 12:44


Don't know if others are even aware of this or care, but my MS Surface Pro 3 with Windows 10 is always running at 100% CPU utilization because of this program. Usually don't see that except in extreme games. Makes the computer consume a lot of power, get very hot and run the fan at full all the time. Just harder on the computer and will reduce the life of the computer.

Submitted by 1CoolZ71 on Wed, 2017-08-16 08:59


On a trip last week and I had my coach throw a check engine light. I thought the VMS software was suppose to tell me what the error code is? I got nothing!

Hello Z71 There's one condition that comes to mind where a dash lamp error occurs and no code is thrown: Low coolant. There's a top-off level sensor in the reservoir. In the evening, with that huge volume hot, it covers the sensor. In the morning, with it cool, it just misses it, lighting the dash lamp and alarms. However, this isn't an engine alarm, it is however tied to the same lamp and Annunciator. And, the PC is plugged into the Chassis diags bus, not the reservoir. Takeaway: check the coolant level relative to the top-most sensor before starting out (in the morning). Hope this helps Art //

Submitted by cpat39 on Wed, 2017-08-16 12:06


HP X2 running Windows 10 1703. Have installed 6b. HP and Torque not showing any values. Would like to see the full version number of VMSpc when I click on Help and About. Currently shows on numberic value not the letter subset.

Hello Pat We didn't bother with the "B" addition to the version-numeration as it seemed insignificant. In the original, the default databus was J1939. It needed to be Both--as many installs would then 'not work' until it was switched over to J1708 or Both. However--your point is a good one. Thanks for the prodding ;-) On torque--I think the data file is blank for that engine. We had another fellow who also saw 0 for both. I'd checked the engine file and it was a blank slate; tabula roso. Ooops I'm working on that just now. Which engine is pushing your coach around? -Art //

Pat, I've looked into the engine file packed with v4.0.6; it should populate the gauges with its first values at 1200 turns. If at or above 1200 your Torque & HP gauges still show a '0' then yeppers, we broke something in 4.x --though its a mystery why some will work and some won't. Confirm that last bit (that its zero even while underway/ +1200) and I'll have all the info I need for the bug list. Thanks!! Art //

Sorry for delay had to buy a new HP X2. Installed 4.06b and drivers and after waiting for what seemed like forever or W10 updates the program is up and running well. Torque and HP are displayed. Like an early commenter sometimes my gauges have borders sometimes they do not. Have not determined any pattern to that issue. I like the borders. Regards, Pat

Thanks for the update Pat I wish there was some way to (easily) turn off the updates. Most these tablets will be offline for...forever... so little point in wasting time and effort to keep Microsoft (and to some degree the tablet) updated. The borders are not consistent on Win10...not sure why either. cheers Art //

Art, I decided to go back to V3. Did not like the new error message box. Would prefer that clock and date be elsewhere. Even tried white background when no issues displayed. As my display covers up my fuel gauge I felt I needed the info of Tank Minder to be reliable. V3 working fine, so I am happy. Just thought update might be of help to you. Pat Coleman 2000 Diplomat - Cummins 315

Hello Mike You say still; was this jumping on other versions as well? It may be the engine bus reporting speed as-calculated in two different ways. Try selecting only J1708 then, only J1939. (Advanced, Communications; bottom, Troubleshooting: choose databus) It may be that these are reporting two different values which are then being toggled between. Also, assuming the data is J1708, laggy and suffering crashes, try requesting more info: Advanced, Engine Corrections, check-box 'Request Odometer.' Seems like one of these should do the trick. cheers Art //

Submitted by mhughes on Thu, 2017-08-31 07:22


Version 3.x was fine. All versions of 4.x jump. Depending on road speed it jumps up and down from 2mph at about 30 and 6mph at 65. I've reported this before. Tried this already "Try selecting only J1708 then, only J1939." I'll try again. Additionally, Cruise status toggles constantly when cruise is off. Also noticed that if you remove the default audio alert and chicken dance audio file you must reinstall the software to get it to start again.

Submitted by Art on Thu, 2017-09-07 09:50


Hi Mike, Thanks for confirming this--that all v4.x versions jump in this way. Your numbers & supplied info are specific enough that I can add these 3 bugs to the list. I'm talking with the coder who worked through the v4.0.5 bugs for the v4.0.6 release--to see if/ when a new release is possible any time soon. Stand by...we're pretty swamped... Art //

Submitted by shasta98 on Fri, 2017-09-08 09:11


Art, Have loaded new software and built custom screen but gauges jumping. Especially speed and volts. Odometer jumps also. Cat c12 with Nextbook. Thanks! Mike

Hey Mike Is that a 9-pin or 6-pin cable setup? Also, which data set are you using; J1708, J1939 or 'Both?' This will help sort out where the problem is and if there's an easy fix or not. cheers Art //

Hi Art, 6 pin and j1708. Really bad had to go back to the old system. Appreciate all that you do! Mike 989.860.0396 PS Sorry for late reply, traveling!

Hello Mike We're finding the v4.0.6 is proving a...lackluster... method of parsing J1708 data. There's a bug-fix request in for the next build, so, hold onto that spiffy new layout! However, it will be a couple months before the next roll out. Stay tuned... Art //

Submitted by MoonShadow on Mon, 2017-09-25 14:38


Just bought a dedicated computer to use with VMSPC and Delorme. Just tried to run this and have thee following issue. When plugging the USB connector get no data from JIB to computer. The VMSPC goes to "other devices" when looking at device manager instead of to a com port. When going to "communications settings" I get a Data Bus "Not Set" I have the J5501 Jib. Data Bus is set to "Both" Any help appreciated. Thanks Ron

Submitted by Art on Thu, 2017-09-28 08:39


Hello Ron The device driver isn't, it seems, doing its job. I will assume you looked at and followed the directions on Page-2 of the manual. If not, do so. Otherwise; my questions: 1. Did you run the app "Install Drivers"? Have you rebooted since? (You'll need to) 2. When you see the jib in the Other Devices section, there's a bit of info in its Properties box which will explain more. Is it giving a 'Code 28' or a 39? [Code 28 indicates the driver wasn't installed...for whatever reason, something broke. And 39 means that particular PC hardware using Win-10 is a problem and it installed but incorrectly.] 3. Is this a tablet with a micro-USB (which you're converting)? Helpful paths: 1- Run the App Install Drivers as an Administrator. If its showing a code 39 in that properties box then also run it in compatibility mode for Win-8 or lower. 2- If still no joy, uninstall the device (from device manager), checking the box to also remove the software. Then, re-run the Install Drivers app...As an admin, compatible for Win-8 etc. 3- If your Jib is on a hub, DC the other parts, plug in only the jib. Open 'Communications', check the little box "Auto Restart"--this will claim that com port for the jib. Then, plug it all back in the way you had it--it may start working fine. If still this isn't working--call. We'll go through step wise and, if necessary, use Team Viewer to get you going and on the road. cheers Art //

Submitted by Art on Mon, 2017-10-30 12:09


Hey folks I've added a top-line must-do-this item for the next build; v4.0.7. This will be an additional folder for USB drivers. For the newbys here, when you copy the VMSpc folder to the new tablet or notebook, its everything you need (and had) ...except for device drivers. Migrates nicely. except. no device drivers ;-( The current scheme is to get them from the website or play CD roulette, hoping you find current ones--post circa 2015. This new folder will have the stuff, including the app 'Install Drivers.' In theory then, once the folder comes off your flash drive, all you'll need to do is create a shortcut on your desktop, open and run the device driver and reboot. All set. cheers Art //

Submitted by glenthompson on Fri, 2017-11-10 19:22


Running 4.0.6 on a Lenovo with Windows 10. Just started using this computer with it. Previously used a Samsung netbook running XP and had the same problem with it on multiple versions. It seems that my problems with it started when I added the Pressure Pro tire monitor interface. Usual symptoms are all the numbers in the box go to 0.

Submitted by 1CoolZ71 on Mon, 2018-01-15 14:02


My unit powers on when connected to the diagnostic port. While parked all winter, I have to disconnect the unit or it drains power all the time it sits.

Submitted by Marty Weston on Wed, 2018-01-31 00:03


After having a MIL light fixed by Cummins, the new version software has worked perfectly. My odometers are back and working as normal, and no more random beeps on the dash trouble lights. I looks like this version is a winner for the 500K baud motors! Good job guys!

Submitted by Art on Mon, 2018-02-12 22:44


Hey Marty We've modded a jib to max out the speed of the CPU. Its our belief that it may be (with the stock speed) dropping 10~40% of the J1939 packets. With a synthetic test we dropped very few. This is not a real coach--like your spiffy little Tiffin. It seems like a final step forward for this hardware. Is there any laggy or missing gauge info on your ride? You know; something measurable we can compare the results against? I'm also seeing a slight CPU usage drop. This has proved pretty inconsequential for all but one user--yet its good to keep pecking away at that. Wanna give it a try? At 250k there's no real issue; the message count are in the 250~400/ sec range for those. Your coach is likely producing 700ish/sec and losing ~40% - 50% as well. Ceiling is ~900/sec. But, at 500k and with the data mixed, very little loss is apparent while under way. You'll note there's a new data box for msg/sec. ...... ... just under the 'USB Overflows'. It runs a rough moving average. Keep the data coming! cheers Art //

Submitted by Marty Weston on Wed, 2018-02-14 09:55


Hi Art, I would love to try out the new JIB. I have had a new result that I will send you in an email, as its a bit lengthy. I will also have to give you a location to send it to.

Submitted by Art on Fri, 2018-03-02 09:41


epilog... For those following this thread on 2017/2018 coach-PC problems, jib, cable and software modifications here's how that shook out: Complete success! Marty aka Deputy Dawg tested--very thoroughly(!)--several cables and box/ software combinations. Thank goodness for the notetaking of a true professional. Dang! ;-) He nailed it!!! After a several months of testing, we now have a winning combination for 2017-and-beyond coaches. It took some tweaking of the whole shebang; jib-firmware, hardware and a special mod to the v4.0.7 code. As a trifecta, Marty saw none of the original issues when plugging in (and using) v4.0.7 on his spiffy(!) 2017 Tiffin. As a package, we've still got our work cut out for us. We're just sorting out the best way to roll out this faster jib. cheers--and a big hats-off to Marty: beta tester extraordinaire! Art //

Submitted by gsgriffin on Tue, 2018-04-10 07:02


If this is not typical to have crashes, and since this same problem is happening with the recommend Cambio (which is stated as being the best), might there be a possibility that the USB sending box from you could be defective and sending errors that the program cannot adjust to. I would really like to have this work. I'm driving over 20k miles this year and have the program crash about 10 times a day. We can rule out that it is my computer.

Submitted by Art on Thu, 2018-04-12 16:47


Yes, this is possible. Its a good point in troubleshooting to sort this out. When you give a call, we'll collect up some shipping and coach info and issue an RMA. There have been significant ahrdware and software changes; it may be time to jump to VMSpc v4.0.8 and a jib update as well. Give a call and we'll start sorting all that out. Art //