12Downloaded and installed the 4.06. Decompressed file. Installed drivers. Installed setup program. Selected my port (4) which worked on 4.05. Communications....says JIB to Engine communication is not working. I run 4.05 and everything is just fine for communication. Glitch in 4.06?

Submitted by Art on Thu, 2017-07-06 09:02


Hello gsgriffin The only glitch that has come up, so far, with 4.0.6 is a default setting of J1939 data bus. (Advanced) ...(Communications) ... ... bottom of the window: Choose Databus (for troubleshooting) This should default to 'Both' However, I've seen twice now that it defaulted to J1939 which will appear then to not work on the older coaches with J1708/ 6-pin (or ALDL 12-pin) connections. Switch it to J1708 or Both and it may be corrected. You didn't really offer much for me to work with to sort that out so, have a look and see if it applies to you. cheers Art //

Submitted by gsgriffin on Sat, 2018-02-17 05:57


It is unfortunate that the previous versions had the gauges working better, but was more limited visually and looked quite old (compared to modern day expectations). The newer versions added just enough flexibility to really spruce it up, but now the program is less stable, values get screwed up, have to keep restarting while driving. Perhaps there will be a marriage in development that allows all of the owners of older rigs (that had less options for displays like this over the years) to still use the newer versions when you upgrade....keeping some backwards compatibility and increasing stability? Set databus to Both Using port 99 on USB Running Surface Pro 3....yes, it gets hot. Bought the Cambio, but that device sucks in all ways up and down....small, bad resolution, dim, very cheap feeling and looking....doesn't match the quality of the panel I've created 04' Cummins 330ISC Monaco Diplomat I travel about 6 months a year and meet lots and lots and lots of RVers. On a 10k mile trip right now across 30 States. I could be your #1 sales person nationwide, if we got this working well on a nice device that looks and runs great. For now, I have to present lots of warnings and conditions in the potential purchase.

Submitted by Art on Mon, 2018-02-26 15:00


Hello GSGriffin I've read your message several times now, wanting to sort out the problem, facts and other asides from SurfacePro and such. First, our system has simple requirements. It doesn't benefit from a 2160 x 1440 screen. The overkill of trying to run our analysis program and drive that resolution will only create lots of heat. Its the folks on the forum who like the Cambio; they are the ones choosing it to use with their VMSpc as a single purpose stand alone device. Kicking dirt on it ...and by extension them... doesn't promote your message of sales ability or salesmanship. The little rendering and graphics for our PC program is resolved very well at 800x600 screen. Here the Cambios' 1200x800 IPS screen far exceeds our needs. 'Too small'? Most folks won't sacrifice more than 10" of space and would prefer something smaller but for also desiring reliable touch-screen ability. That size is a choice based on their coach design, not opinion. Bigger is fine--if you can do so safely; also a design and coach-layout consideration. 'Cheap feeling and looking.' Opinion...not helpful. Do you know what the stats are for coach-owner satisfaction for this tablet? Not sure how 'quality of the panel' you've made actually translates. Facts? Sorry, we work with data and measurable things. Its off-putting to weigh in this highly stressed and opinionated way, without anything to use as a measurement or comparison. We made some improvements with 4.0.7. --Have you tried it? --How do they gauge values compare when choosing J1939 vs. J1708? --Are you using the 6-pin or 9-pin cable to attach to the diags port under the dash? We don't have a sales staff for this or any product. We don't expect any more than the occasional word of mouth in return. The VMSpc product is pretty darn usable--given its rather mundane task of collecting and displaying some useful data to a group of users, median age being 71 yrs old. So, lets focus on the issues, one at a time if we need to, rather than just grouse about and losing precious time. Art //