Hey folks Fellow 'PC user Don called to announce the arrival of his bouncing baby Tiffin, replete with a zippy little ISX 605HP motor. This is new variation on a well known...and powerful...theme. We hadn't created an engine file for these yet--as this is an EPA-friendly spin on the 600HP mill. They're calling this the "X15 Performance Version" which, counter to the earlier Cummins trend of *not* supplying torque data, actually posted complete curves online. From this I built up an engine file then compared the 'regular' 600HP mill with the new "Single can" 605'. Wow--no comparison. The new engine is just 5HP stronger but it hits 585@1500 turns where the old one is still just at 528HP. Then it holds it right through 2000 turns with a 605HP bump @ 1600. This works out to be a much lower revving engine; buckets of torque. That engine file is now in the VMSpc Downloads section within the "Additional Engines" folder. If you have one of these engines, let us know how this works out on the road. cheers Art //