Pressure pro system has worked fine until January 2017. While on a trip all tires (10) went to a gray signal which in VMSpc means that the sensor is not reporting. Since then the system worked as usual for one trip and then not the next. Each time reporting “sensor has not reported.” Some of the time all sensors work as normal excewpt for one or two of the sensors report this error. System was purchased in spring 2014. I have a J2497 – J2708 bridge (S/n 443295) mounted in the engine area with an antenna attached and system routes through the coach computer to my VMSpc software (ver 3.xx) VMSpc software working as it normally does other than this issue. Vehicle is a 2003 Fortravel U295 with a Cummins 400 ISL. Thanks in advance for your help with this issue. jack

Submitted by Art on Thu, 2017-03-30 00:37


Hello Jack the symptoms lend themslves to, roughly, an all-or-nothing functionality. A failing receiver would present a dwindling of detected sensors. The signs you reported don't follow that failure mode. Its more like a loose antenna cable or duckie. I'm ruling out power as you mentioned the added bonus of the odd sensor being dropped at times when it does work.** If I were your tech, assistant...or you...I'd head to the bridge and reseat the power connector, first. Then, loosen the antenna or coax connection at the bridge; inspect closely. Thats the most worrisome point. If your unit has a coax extension attached, then head to the other end and loosen the duckie. Remove it and have a good look. Find any corrosion or what? Don't use channel lock pliars to tighten those coax cables! Very easy to twist loose the bulkhead fitting in that little box and wreck the internal coax fitting!! :-/ **That said, your tire sensors have enough use to add in the probability of the weakest ones starting to drop out due to weak battteries. I strongly suspect thats the case, exaserbated by a poor reception due mentioned above; a compromised antenna. Okay Jack, grab the coveralls and flashlight and have a look. cheers Art //

Art Went through all connections and could find no visible to me problem. I even took the Bridge off and looked at the circuit board but could not see and breaks, cracks or burns spots. One thing I failed to mention after thinking about this awhile, back in January or so I had turned the switch to the engine block heater on due to cold weather. While working outside I heard a sound of something shorting out and saw smoke coming from the motor coach engine compartment. The power cord to the engine block heater (at the site it screws into the engine block) had shorted out against the engine. It kicked the breaker. I could not find any other damage from this other than the ac cord to the engine block heater. The bridge and all associated wiring is on the opposite side of the engine from the block heater. No issues (electrical or otherwise) from the motor coach. Did not seem to affect anything else. Is there a way to test the bridge for functionality? Just looking for resolution. I have a 10K mile trip coming first of May and rely the tire monitoring. Side note: Will VMSpc report tire temps as well as pressure on the VMSpc screen? Thanks for the help, jack 713-859-5199

Submitted by Art on Tue, 2017-04-18 06:49


Have you moved the sensors around to see if a give location is worse/ better than another? Is the base of the antenna grounded to a frame rail or metal housing? Where is the antenna? Do you have a repeater? Art //