Appologies if this question already has an active thread, however I recently purchased a 2003 Country Coach Lexa which has the VMS 200 EL installed. Is it possible to simply replace the 200 with an upgraded VMS, such as the 440? What does it entail? Thank you, David 2003 Country Coach Lexa

Submitted by Art on Tue, 2017-03-21 16:40


Hello David The nearest thing we have for mounting in-dash is in fact the VMS440. Its $1995 plus shipping. For the most part--as your unit is currently working--it means this: 1. Removing/ unplugging your unit (some screws hold it from a couple brackets) 2. Enlarging the hole to 7.8" wide x 4.862" tall. Exactly--no smaller and, at most, 1/16" over those specs. Yes, a very tight fit. 3. Mount the new unit, plug in existing connector. We will have adjusted its settings (ahead of time) for your specific engine, engine bus and to turn off features you're not using (yet.) These are user settable as well and can be changed by you at any time. Mostly plug and play but for the larger cut out. A bracket or two may be needed for support as its a heavy unit yet with no special allowances for the real estate on the backside. Art //

Hello, Art It’s been some time since my last question. As mentioned, I own a Country Coach 2003 Lexa which has the VMS200, and also has the Onan Coach Command which shows tank levels, inverted controls, generator start/stop, etc. Are you aware if replacing the 200 with the 440 would also extend some of the Onan Coach Command functionality in the 440? Clearly there are substantial upgrades in the 440 over the 200 (Video input, color display, etc) but wanted to see if these other functions would extend to the 440 as well. (Tank levels, Gen Start/Stop, etc) My Lexa has the CAT C-15. Lastly, if the 440 is still available for purchase, can you confirm pricing. Thank you, David

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I have a 2003 Country Coach Magna and the VMS screen went blank. Is there a way to get it to come back up? If not, can I get something similar to plug and play? Is it possible to put a tablet in its place?