After a few months of Hiatus im back to working on my Bus.. Ive been running the VMSpc on an Asus tablet which works very well.. there are several PID's which dont show up in the VMSpc yet do when I use the International Navistar software and interface... for example PID 164 is my High Pressure oil pump.. that is what controls injection.. its the first thing that will go wonky when its sender starts to go bad (and they do often).. the Navistar software appears to Poll the J1708 interface and request that PID.. I see where the J1587 protocol spec supports requesting a specific PID.. as not all of them are sent all the time. is there a way we can get the VMSpc to poll the interface and request a PID? it looks pretty straightforward to do it... I had shot out a couple emails with some detailed data on this but got no respomnse so I mayu have sent them the wrong place.. -Christopher

Submitted by Art on Tue, 2017-02-07 07:45


Yes...and no... Yes--we do in fact poll for some laggy sensor results; Fuel Meter and Odometer for example. And, when building a new version of VMSpc, others could be inserted at about the same place to poll just whatever. However much I want a new version built--and if you've tracked the bug-fix list you can see why--its still not happening yet. It has a large following yet is the smallest of our (marginal) products. It also only has one guy needing this item...and one guy here that will code for it. We're in line... So, yes...and no. From the interface, there isn't a way to arbitrarily select a PID which hasn't already been flagged for this (as, say, a checkbox.) However, it seems darned valuable and should be added to the 'Wants' list: an Arbitrary PID Request. I'll ask Josh (or his higher up) if that could, in theory, work and get back to you. cheers Art //

Submitted by eldoradoboy on Wed, 2017-02-08 05:00


super! yes I get it about one coder.. yeah im that guy in my company.. well maybe not as much as I once was, as ive got another guy now who does all the UI (make it pretty) stuff.. im the guy when one of the trainers or installers or sales people says "hey we want feature X".. yeah its me who codes it out... and the wants list gets prioritized as any would. so my next question would be is if the protocol to talk to the VMS hardware from the PC is published at all? No im not asking for the source code to your software.. just simply what if I wanted to write my own program for my own use to talk to the VMS hardware? since your software is given away when the hardware is purchased, seems like that might be a model you could go for (same price, just that anyone who wishes to use their own program can).. I think this product has a large following because 1. it costs less than your others. 2. it offers the most flexibillity.. I thought about the other products you offer, however this is the only one where i can use my own screen and doesnt have to be installed like a custom dash solution would. im kind of fickle when it comes to my busses.. I dont keep any vehicle real long.. so its not unlikely that the bus im playing with now will end up being replaced by a different one in a couple years... with VMSpc i simply unplug it and undo the suction cup for my tablet and go to the next bus.. (or use it in a friend's bus.. a friend who cant stand electronics .. and me who knows the real dangers of getting a VT-365 engine out of whack... so I carry VMS with me in his bus..)... so far windows 10, nor the beta software has given me any problems.. both are working flawlessly.. a little slow on my WinBook tablet, much better on my Asus TransformerPad. -Christopher

Submitted by fhalasz on Wed, 2017-02-22 13:39


I'd like to endorse Christopher's idea - make the VMS hardware protocol available. Then a Mac coder could write an app for ipad/iphone/macbook. I might even try to learn enough Swift to do it. Frank