Any word on the windows driver update for Window's 10 tablets? How will we know when drive will be available ?

Submitted by Art on Sat, 2017-02-04 22:30


There has been a little confusion on the drivers and Win10; however, its not a real problem. The drivers have been installed by many dozens of users now on XP thru '10. It was related to me Friday about a potential problem. But, in the end, there are other issues in play. Microsoft hasn't changed the rules for how we install secure drivers and, while there have been a few updates by the chip mfg, none affect our unit or how its used. In short, a given user may have an issue to work through--and we'll certainly help in that regard--but it will mean finding why that unit is rejecting them. Sometimes a user is using a USB hub, which is fine, once everything is installed. Sometimes there is another device with a similar chipset competing for the port. Other times a reboot hasn't been done. Lastly, and counter-intuitive, an antivirus program may flag these as questionable based on a spartan 'rating' method. The rating is often crowd or popularity-based. If its frequently seen--and has no problems, it gets a pass. If its an odd group of files with no history with the maker of that AV program, it gets a thumbs-down until its more 'popular.' Such is the way of 'cloud computing' and crowd-based ratings. In that last example, one can wait for the rest of the world to buy a VMSpc unit so-as to boost the rating, or, they can disable the AV for the duration of the install and re-enable it immediately afterwards. Give a call after addressing these should the driver still not install. We'll help work through to some sort of solution. cheers Art //

The drivers installed first time I tried on my win 10 asus netbook. I am just using the built in MS AV that ships with it and also malwarebytes in real time mode. No flags occurred during my driver install.