I recently installed a VMS 350 in my motorhome (basically a VMS 333 with more input and video options). Unbelievably, there was nowhere at all on the dashboard to mount the keypad that had free access behind. The solution was to buy a black plastic "potting box" with mounting tabs, mount the keypad in that, and then I could mount the box anywhere in the cockpit area. In case anyone else is faced with the same problem, here is a good option for doing that. The box I used has almost the same footprint as the keypad itself. I ordered a 3x3x1.5 black plastic box from Digi-Key. Part# BUD3893555-ND. Cost only $2.86 --follow this link. Since the box is almost the same size as the keypad, there was no room for washers and nuts. Went to Ace Hardware and bought threaded spacers instead to secure keypad mounting screws. The third picture shows the keypad and box mounted on the left side of the cockpit at easy arm's reach from the driver's seat. The VMS data is displayed on the camera input screen of the entertainment head unit on the right.

Submitted by Art on Sat, 2017-01-28 13:23


When Rob ordered his unit, he was pretty sure he'd have to invent a special enclosure of some sort. We don't usually run into a space-A problem with the little 3-button boards; there's always...well, almost always a spot for it. With this box, looks like he's opened up all sorts of posibilities! Neato skeeto!! Pictures of the final destination look great. And, Rob, thanks also for the link. cheers Art //

Submitted by rob_morgan on Mon, 2017-01-30 19:53


I didn't see a way to attach a picture to a reply so I added one to the original post. You can see the VMS displayed in the entertainment system head unit. All I have to do to see it is to push a button marked "Camera" on the left side of the screen. (The camera's have their own display.) The box with the keypad is over on the left near the TPMS monitor. That spot is also used as a dash attachment point, so there was no way to mount it flush, which is why I used the small potting box.