I have a 2011 American Tradition 45Y with a 450 hp Cummins ISL and the standard Allison 6-speed transmission. I recently got some 'Check Engine' light warnings. Upon checking the (I think) built-in Silverleaf system, which gets displayed on a built-in Sony monitor, I found 3 codes: 264-304-31 on 2/24/16, 206848-16 on 10/24/16, and 67632-31 on 11/28/16. I have no idea what these codes mean. Can you help me? I've only owned this motorhome since the last code was encountered.

Submitted by Art on Wed, 2017-01-04 08:04


Hello Bob It seems two things may have happened. 1. You were first starting out in the morning and the coolant reservoir was low, triggering the light on your dash. This wouldn't throw a code, its just a 'local' alarm. It may not be evident once the engine warms up and coolant expands a skosh. 2. You, coincidentally, opened up your diagnostics log which showed codes being thrown last February, October and November (the previous month, maybe.) These codes make no sense--but, this is a known problem with the first batch of VMS330's (circa 2011) when mounted to an ISL engine. Not a problem on any other make, just Cummins. [Cummins broke a rule in sending messages, just as it does today. Only, _now_ we have a patch to 'fix' their...efforts...] So, check your coolant level. The mis-reporting of diagnostics messages is a small one with two options. Option 1. ...is to leave things as they are; if the engine throws more wonky messages, it will forward on a scrambled 6-digit error number. Its inconsequential as any 'real' message will be logged, too. It just won't weed out the corrupted (meaningless) ones. Option 2. ...is to send in the VMS unit (small black box in the dash) for a firmware update. This is a good option as it also allows for other improvements regarding fuel-usage reporting and TPMS...many other small improvements. To follow up on option two, drop a dime and we'll create an RMA number, collect an address...phone and otherwise get that process started. Keep me posted Art //

Submitted by Bob Baker on Wed, 2017-01-04 08:09


Thank you for all that effort, Art. Re #1: I keep the coolant right where the 'Max' line is. I guess I'll go above it a little. Re #2: We're leaving S.E. Idaho in 2 or 3 days (when the weather permits) and heading to Southern New Mexico for a stay of 3 1/2 months. I'm interested in the updating of the firmware, but I won't begin this until we are in New Mexico and settled down. I worry about the cost, though -- spent all my money on this rig! I will keep you posted.