For quite some time (well over a year) I have had this problem that various gauges will go to zero for 10-15 seconds then return to normal. I have not been able to determine a pattern or commonality with the occurrence. But, in the course of an hour I will see it several times in several different gauges! I first noted it in our previous RV, but when we changed RV's summer of last year the problem followed us to the newer one. Both had Cummins engines, the previous one was a 2009, current one is a 2013 model! In the last several months for unrelated reasons I got a new laptop for the job and I installed newer VMS programs v3. Nothing has made a difference. Anybody else having a similar problem? If so any suggestions on how to fix! Bob

Submitted by Art on Mon, 2016-11-14 17:09


Hello Bob Have a look at the red LED on the jib while this is happening. I understand you're underway and your eyes will be on the road--so have your copilot keep an eye on it. I suspect they'll see it stop flashing, long pause, a few groups of a sequence, then back to flashing normally. Rinse and repeat. If this--or something similar is happening it may be the jib rebooting. This may have any of a number of causes. The end result is the jib, internally, crashing and rebooting. A repair may be in the future as you've shown all else has, essentially, been swapped out. [Very clever to swap out the coach to best troubleshoot this. Bravo! Most folks just aren't that dedicated! ;-) ] cheers Art //

Submitted by bobsea43 on Mon, 2016-11-14 19:10


Art, Thanx for your input. I had a hard time persuading DW this was good troubleshooting technique but she finally agreed. So now how do I tell her she can watch the jib for the answer :) I will work on it! We just got back from a trip and will be home a few weeks but will try this on next trip and report back. Ah, I will let her drive and I will watch the jib. Thanx again. Bob