I had good wifi so downloaded latest 4.0.5 had to remember to create icon to start new version. My old version had 1/2 sec blinks on most gauges to high value. That is all fixed now. Stable solid works great. If you do a partial and not fill on tank minder it will not calculate the correct mpg. My instant and rolling ave seem to be a cummins marketing guess and not a real value. This isl 400 has never seen 12 mpg with 16 ave in wildest dreams. The tank minder and gal used are correct at the pump Thanks for the updates guys.....

Submitted by Art on Tue, 2016-10-18 07:54


Hello Don The To-Fix list has a new item: 25. Wrong MPG In Tankminder, when doing a Partial-Fill, wrong MPG is calculated. Thank you! We're still swamped, the next update is scheduled for mid January... cheers Art //