I had the old Aladdin system in my 2005 Monaco Dynasty replaced with the VMS system in 2014. The work was done at the Albany location. I purchased the system during the Monaco International Rally at Coos Bay, Oregon. Most of the information that I expected to be included on the system is available on the display screen. However, the outside temp, the bay temp and the compass heading are not functional. An "ERR" message is displayed in the data readout locations for these values. Is there a way to read these temps and compass heading information with the SilverLeaf system? If so, how can I get these items addressed? Thanks,

Submitted by Art on Fri, 2016-08-26 08:36


Hello Bob We've never had an interface for the Aladdin compass. I'm not sure how you would have that addressed--it was exclusive to their system and communicated via their now-defunct networking system. As for temps, this may be added, depending on which equipment was included in your conversion. Did it, for example, include a TM102? The base, VMS330 unit, can monitor a temp sensor placed somewhere within the coach. While we're not able to use the original sensor, one can be had and the original wiring may be used to connect it. And, if you have a TM102 as part of the retrofit, you may capture another place as well--within the same constraints as above. Temp sensor pricing: For the VMS: AS112 $15 For the TM102: MS102 $65 Give a call for further assistance cheers Art //

Submitted by rraffety@hotmail.com on Mon, 2016-08-29 19:35


I don't have the information available that identifies the equipment that was added to convert the Aladdin to the SilverLeaf system. I'll try to take a look into the dash of my motor home to see if I can find any product ids. Thanks for the reply. Bob