v4.0.5 was released in late June 2016. As it has significant issues, it's "Experimental only" for now. For First-Time USB installs, use v2.5 ~ v3.1. Leave comments for needed fixes here, first checking the bug-list to see if its already been added. Of course, please add needed detail on PC type, Operating system (XP, Win10...etc) databus (J1708 etc), USB vs WiFi... - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --Art //

Submitted by norwestie on Wed, 2016-06-29 09:30


I'm using a Lenovo ThinkPad 2 (Windows 10) with 4.0.5. The only way to escape full screen is with a long mouse click. Finger or stylus long presses still don't work.

Submitted by ajk-eis on Sun, 2016-07-03 18:22


Still getting spikes with 4.0.5, at least on the rolling speed (and as a result also on the max speed) gauge. Very obvious (+7 mph at 50 mph) and quite frequent (once every 10 seconds or less). This is not the case on the older 3.xx versions, at least not with rolling speed. I did have spikes on the old 3.xx version with IMPG which is of course a calculated gauge. I think I traced it to the Fuel Rate that was spiking. I still have both versions installed. Haven't had time enough to tell whether the 4.xx still has that problem.

New user. 1400 miles total on the VMSpc. Running 4.xx version on a Cat 3126E in a Fleetwood Discovery (2003). I see the spikes also in the speedometer. It is very consistent and happens at least once a minute. Usually jumps up 8-10 mph. Interestingly, if I set the cruse control by pressing the button, it doesn't pick up the spiked speed but stays with the actual speed. I called this afternoon and spoke with someone who suggested I make a log file but it sounds like you already know the problem. Let me know if you need me to send you a log file.

Today, I noticed that the spike occurs when I 'coast', that is let off the accelerator for any reason. The real time speed display jumps 7-8 mph. As soon as I press on the accelerator, it goes back to correct speed. Obviously, this effects max speed display also. I was quite surprised to see that my max speed was 78mph!!!! :O I did do a log. Let me know if you want to see it Art.

Submitted by ajk-eis on Sun, 2016-07-03 18:21


Can't find a current known bug list for 4.0.5 Does that mean there are no known bugs left? ;-) The Maintenance List (0 for Miles interval) is still active too.

After some delay in working out what the (final) changes were--and measuring effectiveness, I've posted the list. You'll also note I've separated the Lists: Adds vs Bugs. Makes for busier forum topics but may help to keep us focused on bugs, first...goodies next (once the critical ones are squished.) Thanks for the note on the Fuel Spikes. Keep us posted on your findings. cheers Art //

Submitted by jarwiebe on Sun, 2016-07-10 17:40


When I set to log data, ie engine temp, tranny temp, rpms, etc it will log the data but if I close the program and then reopen it for my next trip, the selected data to log is no longer high lighted and I have to re-select what I want to log. In versions 3.xx the selected data remained selected and was always there without having to always re-select after ever closing of the program. Any thoughts on what may be happening. This happened starting with version 4. versions 3 were all ok.

Submitted by ajk-eis on Fri, 2016-07-15 21:53


Windows 10- Observed on 3.1 but I assume the same on 4.0.5? Not driving enough at the moment to check 4.xx. When creating a trip odometer with time (running) and avg. speed I find the intervals that you use confusing. It seems that the time (running) is updated every 3 minutes. However the distance AND avg. speed is updated every 0.1 miles (every 6 seconds at 60 mph) using the "old" time value. That means that the avg. speed jumps all over the place until you have driven about 2 hours. 3 minutes is 10% of 1/2 hour. That means that at 27 minutes the gauge is roughly 10% optimistic and at 30 minutes it returns (for a moment) to the correct value. So either update the time much more often or recalculate the avg. speed every 3 minutes too (at the same time the running time is updated). To prevent a "nervous" display you could leave the time update as is but just update the avg. speed at the same time as the distance (every 0.1 mile) using the actual elapsed time instead of the displayed time value of the gauge. I would vote for updating the gauge value for the running time more often too though. Hope I was not too confusing. Not a high priority but looks bad.

Submitted by ajk-eis on Fri, 2016-07-22 14:22


Art - I assume that the updates to each new 4.xx version does NOT affect the USB drivers? These should be the same for all versions (including the older 2.x and 3.x versions)? And when you release new versions, I assume that the only changes are contained in the *.exe file so that I could continue to use the same base 4.0.x installation and just update the *.exe each time? Thanks, Al

Hello ajk Assumption = Correct! The driver is purely hardware-to-Windows in context. The current driver is backwards compatible to all windows versions. As for the .exe as a 'program' vs 'installer' things are not so straightforward. We're typically not releasing the program only. Its a matter of simplicity and keeping it that way for the bulk of the users. So, if we were to release just the .exe, you could just overwrite the old one, after v4.0.3 --unless we make any significant XML changes, then that'll break. We'll revisit the separate file during the next release. cheers Art //

Submitted by ajk-eis on Fri, 2016-07-22 14:25


I have a trip odometer set up with time elapsed, avg. speed, distance and mpg. With the exception of the time elapsed (which updates every 3 minutes as described above) all other information just stays at 0.00 and does not update. Windows 10 and 6 Pin USB JIB Al

Submitted by ajk-eis on Fri, 2016-07-22 14:54


The current bar graph for gauges with ranges (i.e. voltage gauge) is IMHO not done right. I'm talking about a simple gauge with graph (bar graph at the bottom). It is counter intuitive to show all graph colors when the gauge is in a certain range. For example voltage - I need to set a lower limit for the graph (like your 8 volts). Then I need to set the lower red value which would be 12.0 volts and the upper red value which is 15 volts. Then you need an upper yellow (13 volts) and a lower green which would be 13.6 volts. At the moment, at a healthy 14 volts, you show a partially red column to the left, a yellow part in the middle and at the very end a little green (the part of the column that is between 13 and 14 volts). That is not clear. You see much more red and yellow than green, although the value is good. The logic would be - - less than 12 - the entire column of the graph would be red - greater 12 and less than 13 - the entire bar of the graph would be yellow - greater 13 and less than 14.5 - the entire bar of the graph would be green - greater 14.5 and less than 15 - the entire bar of the graph would be yellow - greater 15 - the entire bar of the graph would be red Of course all the values above can be configured as variables just as they are now. At all times the length of the bar would indicate the voltage (greater voltage longer bar). It is a simple cascading switch case or if else statement that sets the bar color. The same would be true for example for oil pressure. - less than 20 - red - less than 30 - yellow - else - green Al

Submitted by jjgraffy on Wed, 2016-07-27 22:04


Art - Thanks for the help on the phone last month. Between the suggested setting in the FAQ and changing the COMM port, I have a stabile 4.0.5 running. The tank minder does not work, which may be related to the trip odometer issue reported by Al. I also have a trip odometer that shows 0 all the time. The odometer is reading correctly. When will 4.0.6 be coming out? Get the cruise status fixed and I will have a happy screen. Jim

Hello Jim The new build has been pushed out to mid January. The to-do list is growing, quickly, yet I've got to wait for programming time from our champion coder for this. Stay tuned.... Art //

Submitted by fhalasz on Wed, 2016-08-31 21:33


Just updated Win 10 on my ACER W510 touch-screen tablet. I can "right-click" on various windows by long-pressing them outside of Silverleaf, but cannot right-click the Silverleaf gauges with a long press. When I double-tap the odometer or fuel gauges, they do reset.

Hello Royce, v4.0.3 and up can use the same screen layouts. ***However*** When first using them they will give a Trip file data error. This is due to data created by the tank minder not tracking with the current config file. To resolve this, clear the error. Your screen will otherwise look as it did. Now, delete the Tank Minder. Save Layout. Add a new Tank Minder. That's it. Now they're in sync. cheers Art //

Submitted by Mark_S_Gilliland on Wed, 2016-09-28 10:14


Related to Trip Minder. Fuel used appeared correctly but no miles reported. Now currently I do not have a trip odometer set on the coach hardware screen. Is that a possible cause for no miles reported? Also no data saved in diagnostics when program closed. Sorry could not find your bugs and fixes list really looking forward to release 4.06. Did not want to try 4.0.5 Beta. I did see your post on the PID 244 vs 245. MSG

Hello MSG It seems we may have fixed the miles-reporting issue in v4.0.5 We had many odd problems with the install of v.4x when Windows Defender and the active antivirus interfered with the installation. Between weird mileage readings and some gauges just "missing" its worth noting these two "protections" schemes are not helpful. As for the Diagnostics, the Windows program VMSpc is the one creating the log. If its not running, the log isn't being created. For the Bug-Fix and Change posts in the forum, look for the little yellow padlocks. [I've marked them to be on top of the list but can't get them to actually move! ] cheers Art //

Submitted by brenthg on Tue, 2016-10-04 07:28


I just installed my JIB yesterday and installed Ver.4.0.5 as per Art's recommendation. My pre-designed screen loaded OK and all gauges appear to work as designed. I'm having a little trouble calibrating the Odometer to get it to read the same as the coach's mechanical odometer. I understand the Engine Corrections Panel and will have to adjust the Multiplier value over time to get true Odometer Mileage. One question I have is when I shut down the diesel and close VMSpc on my laptop, I took it home to make some minor modifications to my screen display, the odometer gauge didn't show the correct mileage and the Engine Corrections panel showed erroneous data in the Offset field. Is that normal when not connected to the JIB? Will the Odometer show correct when I plug in and start engine? I'm not sure what happens when I disconnect the laptop from the JIB.

Submitted by Art on Fri, 2016-12-09 17:29


M11 450HP in a 1998 Foretravel Acer 10" tablet Owner (Mike) has been using v3.0 with success. When installing v4.0.5 receives "Failure Between Engine and JIB." This seemed pretty odd--however, this isn't to say there's no data being swapped. We're getting loads of it. And part of the loads of data are buckets of errors. Tried tweaking the Bit Gap (from 17) to 14 ~ 20. No appreciable results other than crashing the program. We could induce More errors but could not reduce the proportions. ie. 10's of thousands good to 600 bad--with the 600 shows up quite quickly then leveling off. I suspect we're not capturing a true picture of the noise but are getting a good enough picture: a very noisy, error ridden data bus which the v3.0 SW can somehow parse out. We'll have a look at this and figure out a bug patch request for it, adding it to the (ugh!) growing list. Art //

Submitted by essjay on Tue, 2017-01-17 20:16


I am currently running v4.0.5 in a Windows 10 environment on an RCA Cambio tablet. I am new to VMSpc but I don't think that has anything to do with this issue. Twice now, after shutting down VMSpc and the tablet, VMSpc has refused to reopen the scr file. The error says file error and then VMSpc shuts down. Unfortunately by this time, the backup file has also been corrupted and VMSpc doesn't have the option to load another scr file. In order to get VMSpc to open you need to delete the bad scr file which is obvious because it is now only about 3KB instead of approx. 25KB. If this is not an easy fix it would be nice to stop VMSpc from closing down after it recognizes a bad scr file. It could default to any other scr file but not simply close down.

Submitted by RVAcer on Wed, 2017-05-10 11:11


2001/2002 Freightliner, Cat 2136, Allison 3000 Using PID 121, (see other posting) simple gauge working with one exception, when exhaust brake comes on text goes from "off" to "error" it would be nice if it went to "On" instead of error. Did not know if this belongs here or in bugs.

Submitted by RVAcer on Wed, 2017-05-10 15:33


WTEC III Allison pushbutton shifter. Would be nice if gauge text would read Performance/Economy or Normal/Optional or Normal/Hiway Almost anything but 1 or 2

Submitted by Bud Wylie on Fri, 2017-05-19 09:40


installed on 2017 Tiffin-powerglide chases w/450 ISL Cummins. Was not knowledgeable enough to decompress the dist disc before installation. How do you decompress a file (Windows 10 w/RCA tablet). The program works great, however, I sometimes have certain guages alternating to another gauge, i.e. Trans temp to road speed. If you could help I would appreciate

Submitted by Kiawah on Wed, 2017-05-24 08:52


2015 Freightliner w/ISB 340 hp, running 4.05 VMSpc, usb jib Code worked great all of last year, not an issue. No changes to coach over winter (like ECM loads or anything). Over winter, I did make a change to my screen, moving some gauges around, adding a couple text boxes, and added a histogram gauge. Thought everything looked good. Now out on a major trip, I notice now the trip gauge wasn't working, then noticed odometer was incorrect, and engine hours incorrect. At a stop now for a day, so able to look into this tonight and see that for some reason I have some offsets (which I didn't put there). Found this forum entry that appears others having similar problems. I tried reseting offsets to 0, but didn't take so I don't know whether I didn't do it correctly, or the offset isn't working. I think I read 4.06 fixes this, where do I download that? Or, is there a better suggested fix? Thanks in advance. update: just read buglist, and see that the erroneous offset gets set anytime you look at that screen. I was zeroing out, then checking to make sure the zero took, but still had an offset. I'll try zeroing and then not verifying tomorrow.