I have 2001 Beaver Monterey. I am the 3rd owner and have owned it for 3 years. Last week the VMS 200 EL display unit stopped lighting up. It's totally blank. I have pulled the unit and with the ignition on, there is 12v on the upper left pin of the pigtail plug. What are my options?

Submitted by Art on Wed, 2016-05-11 15:15


Hello Hank Its a bit unusual yet I'd be hopeful for a blown fuse. Had any other equipment fail about the same time? Options: 1. Send it in for troubleshooting and repair. 2. Send it in for troubleshooting, repair and any software updates you would benefit from. -or- 3. Upgrade to a VMS440 ( A nice option but not a first choice.) Give us a call. Its odd to have one outright quit. Art Renda Documentation Central Silverleaf Electronics (888) 741-0259