It appears that there is no Android version of VMSpc other than VMSair - is that correct. Are there any near term plans to modify/improve VMSair so that it will look and operate like VMSpc. How about analog gauges for VMS such as is displayed on the VMS645. And lastly, is the Pressure Pro the only Tire monitor system that VMSpc can read? Thanks for your help.

Submitted by Art on Thu, 2016-01-07 08:55


Hello Bob We won't be building a Android app with any more functionality than the current list-based setup. We're focusing the manpower we have on the platform which remains more of a 'constant.' As for the look and feel of the PC version, it will have some functionality improvements with the re-release of v4.x but it will not have round gauges as the Glass Dash module does. The tires systems Silverleaf, in general, monitor are ones on the RV-C/CANbus, J1939 or J1708 which could be SmarTire, PressurePro, Valor or TST.** As many folks have the PressurePro or other wireless versions, this comes up now and then--how to tie in? Those are not designed to be tied-in...just no way to do it; no socket. The VMSpc is able to 'see' the J1708-based PressurePro and SmarTire. This limit has to do with its size--we had to stop somewhere. I'm sure you have many questions. Be sure to check out the Search function (top right corner)--as these and new topics are frequently discussed. cheers **corrected 10-3-2016 to reflect CANbus is aka RV-C with J1939 and J1708 as non-CANbus. Art Documentation Central Silverleaf Electronics (888) 741-0259

Art, Do I understand from your following response (The tires systems Silverleaf, in general, monitor are ones on the RV-C, J1939 or J1708 CANbus which could be SmarTire, PressurePro, Valor or TST.) that TST TPMS can be monitored with the VMSPC?

Submitted by Art on Mon, 2016-10-03 08:46


Good question RW The PC software has not been built with anything but J1708 PressurePro so far. There's a new emphasis to build the new software with J1939 parsing (to interpret the stream of tire data.) Yet, the new build is some months off. This is in response to Advantage PressurePro dropping the J1708 Bridges from their inventory. Our supplies are all but dried up--so we do need something new. The PressurePro system has one real advantage--the DIY aspect. With it, you can add the whole thing, check and maintain it *yourself.* With the others, you may need a tire dealer to add/ remove or change the settings on the tires as they may be internally mounted--which brings the price significantly up. We're all ears--we do tend to build what the most customers need. TST is a likely candidate to be included in the next build, along with PressurePro. Stay tuned... Art //