Hi Art New Guy on the forum, old silverleaf user. I do not see any reference to a VMS 240 CL in browsing all the forums. Did I miss it, is the 240 out of date, or is it grouped under some other model? Thank You Dave O

Submitted by Art on Fri, 2015-11-27 12:48


Hello Dave The VMS240 was sunsetted about two years ago. Its reached the end of its support-life and now, though repairs are readily available, production & sales are not supportable. No tool ages in a vacuum, the parts used to produce and repair it often lose fashion and are pulled from production. The "VMS Products Forum" is the one used for help/ info for this equipment category. A manual can be found here; look over to the left: (Downloads) (Manuals) I'll also send you a helpful link cheers Art //