I tried responding from a similar post regarding my question/s here but got no response, so I decided to post anew. I am interested in replacing my failed Aladdin Jr. System. You stated on another persons post that you sent him some information showing all that is needed to replace an Aladdin System with your product. So could you also send me a configuration of what is available for my Aladdin Fr. setup, and the prices for same? My Aladdin Jr works okay with some of the basic functions but after a lightning strike the Engine and Transmission data no longer show up on the display. I think it's the Aladdin J1939 Bridge that took a hit. As you mentioned it's next to impossible to find any Aladdin parts. So what are my choices and do I still use some of my Aladdin Sensors/etc. or must I replace them? Please let me know, thanks. bobrbowers__@__hotmail.com Bob [Site manager has added underscores to prevent spamming.]

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Art, you sent me an email awhile back, and I swore I saved it, but I can't find it anywhere. One question is what is the cost of the VMS 330? My second question is: On your VMS-330-S Layout Drawing you sent me showing the single camera system, Is the 12-pin connector which is named "Main" on the drawing the same as my Aladdin-Jr wire harness connector on my coach? i.e., is it a plug and play on my end to hook up the VMS-330? Thanks, Bob

Submitted by Art on Tue, 2015-11-24 15:52


Hello Bob A VMS330 can be had for $995 The plug wiring for the Aladdin is unique to them and their use. It is not plug-and-play--and does require re-pinning some connectors, to include connection to the VMS330. I've resent a wiring package by email cheers Art //

Thanks for the info... and documentation, but since my system is only the Aladding Jr. the only remote bay module I have is the one for the compass/bay temperature. So I don't think I need to worry about much in the way of all the connections and wiring referenced in the documentation. Am I right? I'm still a little confused about the connection from the 12-pin connector I have in my dash that is connected to my Aladdin J1939 Bridge. This Aladdin Bridge is what is not working and I was wondering if this 12-pin connector that I believe carries the engine bus data is what would plug into the VMS330 12-pin slot, or must I make an adapter to go between it and the VMS330? Thanks, Bob

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Hello Bob I've sent to your eMail box an Aladdin Jr. Install packet. It shows an adapter cable for the engine monitoring and its connection to a/the VMS unit. That is a cable we can make and send along to complete the kit. For more detailed explanation, drop a dime. cheers Art Renda Documentation Central Silverleaf Electronics (888) 741-0259