I have a 2005 Monaco Executive with an Alladin system. My coach was recently broken into and the part of the system in the dash was stollen. I am wondering what my options are for replacing this system? Does your system use any of the Aladdin components or is a complete system replacement required? What would the cost of this replacement be? Am I correct in assuming that Aladdin components are no longer available. By Doug.mcpeek__@__shaw.ca at 2015-08-27 21:10 edit reply [Site manager has added underscores to prevent spamming.]

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Hello Doug Of all the things to steal--the one thing your coach *must* have to be driveable and the one thing they've likely already tossed overboard as *useless.* To give you some figures to work with, there's email coming to you as a 1-sheet layout for components and cost; more on that in a bit. First, your questions... In no particular order: No, no new parts are available for your system. That pipeline dried years ago. Used parts can be had...with patience and timing. However, the likely price of the system stolen would place it in the category of rare metals and elements, such as "unobtanium." Individual component-swapping or whole system? Whole system. The Aladdin data structure was quite...unique...but not one which we make a separate, unique product for. Theirs was exclusive--a walled garden--not one that could be added to or merged with (for upgrades.) Ours is open, future-friendly. We make and use like-components, similar or somewhat better in function. We instead use a standard RV-C (RV CAN Bus) data link between our units using your existing trunk wiring. No new down-frame wiring is required. We build a couple small harnesses which tie it all together, add to that some re-purposing of existing wire and it becomes somewhat a plug-and-play system. The sheet I sent breaks out what those components are and a total price for them. Labor (6 ~ 10 hours, typically 8) your travel expenses and any 'custom' items. Every coach is unique, each owner has different needs and priorities--we get that. So, if you want some extra cameras, house control or other features more typical of a 2016 Diplomat, we'll work with you on that. We're nerds and we really dig functionality and ease-of-use. On labor: if we install and dial-in, it can be as little as 6 hours. However, we have many stories of folks who ask the local "Care" mechanics (who also work on RVs) who have struggled. We have some recommendations--so, give us a location and we'll ID the best techs in your (hopefully) local area for this. cheers Art

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Art, I too am interested in replacing my failed Aladdin Jr. System. Could you also send me a configuration of what is available for my setup? My Aladdin Jr works with the exception of the Engine and Transmission data. My coach was recently hit by lightning and it knocked out all kinds of electronic devices. I've got everything working except for the engine/Tranny data. I think it's the Aladdin J1939 Bridge that took a hit. As you mentioned it's next to impossible to find any parts for this thing. So what are my choices and like Doug mentioned do I still use some of my Aladdin Sensors/etc. or must I replace them? Please let me know, thanks. bobrbowers__@__hotmail.com Bob [Site manager has added underscores to prevent spamming.]

Hello Bob I'm emailing you the same sheets that Doug has needed. They'll line out what gets replaced, how and all that. Its an all or nothing solution unfortunately.

The two gotchas are their exclusive databus and parts-age. The age of the parts which "work fine" are the same age as the failed parts. Lightning notwithstanding, they're the walking wounded within the coach. Many other bits in hundreds of other coaches are working fine...along side those which have inexplicably quit. Yet we would be building you a system we can't warrant if we did try to incorporate the remaining pieces. With exception to the generic LCD panel, this is how it is.

Since we can't tie into the Aladdin databus and we can't (with a clear conscience) walk away from a system we can't warrant, we can only really supply an all or nothing solution. So, check your mailbox. Then, for additional details, call us directly--our installer and champion for this conversion will give the exact answers you'll need. cheers Art //

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I'm also interested in replacing the Aladdin Jr. system in my 2007 Monaco Knight. Some of the system still works but most of the trip data and other features besides the engine/tranny display are messed up. And it drives me crazy that I can't keep the display on the rear view camera to keep an eye on the toad. Anyway, please forward the same information as I'm very interested also.

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Check your mailbox Hello Jim You should be receiving the same three docs sent out to the other folks mentioned. cheers Art //

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my aladdin backup camera and system has bit the dust on my 04 monaco and I need to see about replacing it with something along the same lines. It checks the engine,oil pressure, engine, transmissions and holding tanks plus a little of everything else. I need some information.

Submitted by Art on Tue, 2016-06-07 09:24


Hello Jane We have a system designed around this need and so more background info can be had over on the Aladdin page. The "little bit of everything", you'll find, is covered. It's nearly a 1-for-1 replacement; many options exist, however, for those wanting to exceed the original limitations of the original installation. This is having an eye on other equipment changes and other needed repairs/ replacement of critical items ie. transfer switch, inverters etc. Give a call for specific needs or a pricing estimate. cheers Art Renda Documentation Central Silverleaf Electronics (888) 741-0259

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I had the old Aladdin system in my 2005 Monaco Dynasty replaced with the VMS system in 2014. The work was done at the Albany location. I purchased the system during the Monaco International Rally at Coos Bay, Oregon. Most of the information that I expected to be included on the system is available on the display screen. However, the outside temp, the bay temp and the compass heading are not functional. An "ERR" message is displayed in the data readout locations for these values. Is there a way to read these temps and compass heading information with the SilverLeaf system? If so, how can I get these items addressed? Thanks,

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I dropped you a note a couple of months ago re. a used 2006 Monaco Knight that I was considering to purchase. I have since made the buy and have been dealing with several other known and expected short comings. I can now look at a replacement to my failed Aladdin Jr system with a bit more informed knowledge base. My system has an old 7 inch CRT monitor that I'm assuming has failed. Prior to the complete failure of the monitor the turn signal triggered side cameras stopped working. All cameras are old (B&W) and also I liked your description of an upgrade to color and expand the system as well. Such as an automotive radio with GPS Monitor. I had initially considered going to the VMSpc route and may still start there. My questions are an approximate price to upgrade to the 330 or 440CL system and if I do start with the VMSpc system can I trade that in on an upgrade 330 or 440CL. I liked your description of integrating with automotive radio with GPS display screen. On a technical question I'm receiving an error 01 message on the LCD screen at the base of the speedometer. Is this and error induced by the failing Aladdin system? I've heard horror stories of forcing a change to the coach brain data making everything much worse. I will try and locate the information you kindly sent to my earlier inquiry but at this point I haven't been able to find it.

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Hello Tom First, I'm not sure what the Aladdin is doing--as for creating an error or if the LCD displaying some other, valid problem. At best I'd be guessing. Error 01 is unknown to me. The 'Brain' has a 6-pin plug for data and power. Unplug that and, if its the culprit, the problem will go away. Nothing to lose at this point. Shortly I'll put together the prices for the upgrade for the Aladdin Jr system--though, it seems like about $2400 with a VMS330, new chrome side cameras, switch and holding tank monitor (SeeLevel) system. That same combo, with instead the VMS440 is about $3150. These prices are for parts. Labor is a big variable as its not rocket science--but beyond the typical coach owner in its depth. Figure a shop will take 5 to 8 hrs to complete the job. The PC is a good option for monitoring--but has no camera capability as part of the 'Jib.' One could still piece-out a replacement monitor, video switch and new cameras as a separate package as you have time. Many trade offs with the advent of mass produced computers running android that'll do a zillions things--including GPS--which are also large enough to use as your camera monitor. I guess it just comes down to how busy of a system a person can tolerate...and enjoy... The new systems are more like a phone and can be a bit of a trial in themselves. Hope this helps Art //

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Since I didn't hear back I was afraid that you had an incorrect email address or misplaced my phone number. Here are both: tstillman1@comcast.net 360-600-5349 As a reminder, I stopped in last week and purchased the VSMpc for my 06 Monaco Knight equipped with 3 cameras and most likely a defective CRT monitor. Enjoyed our chat last week and look forward to planning my upgrade.