Hello folks, Art here. It's neat to share all those nifty layouts and mounting ideas. Keep 'em coming! Be sure to send a picture of your outfit as you snap them. You should give them a unique name then I'll resize & amp; crop them to 8oo pixels wide (as needed.) The renaming makes it easier for me to back-trace them if one of our members has a question on how best to do something like you did. Send them to: Art at simply-smarter.com In the meantime, check out Rufus' big-picture installation over on the IRV2 forum--Zounds! He's using the overhead TV/ Monitor principally for mapping--along with his VMSpc gauges along the bottom. It looks to be about a 36-incher. Pretty neat if you ask me. So, WELCOME--and stay tuned! cheers -- Art Documentation Central Silverleaf Electronics (888) 741-0259 Canada, Australia and beyond: (541) 967-8111