Recently there was a post asking about the brand TireTraker (sic) transmitter/sensors and if we were able to incorporate them In a word: no In two words: we can't The little sensors which screw onto the valve stems all work on the LPD433 frequency range. 69 channels. The Receiver; the LCD head unit for the TireTraker and the PressurePro bridge-receiver then listen for the messages from the sensors and display some resultant information to you, the observer. As the TireTraker is just 35-dollars and has replaceable batteries, it'd seem to be a good choice. would the two different systems communicate? The TireTraker isn't a bridge (in that it doesn't talk on or to the coachs' databus.) And, it'd be some pretty simple thinking to believe these competing groups would so handily use not only the same frequency BUT also the same data language. Two words: not happening. Not to be a naysayer, the next step is for a daring-do experimenter to swap with someone for the opposing product: --PressurePro guy/gal borrows a sensor from someone using the tireTraker. --TireTraker gal/guy borrows a PressurePro acorn and tries to program it on their unit. back. My money is riding on Improved social contact toy-sharing-etiquette and zero as a useful solution (of swapping to the cheaper sensor.) Its a neat idea...but these manufacturers have several dogs in that fight. As an aside, there's some complaints about the failures/ issues with the TireTraker sensors. The year-or-so of battery life and maybe 3 or 4 battery (total) swaps-between-failures has caught my eye. Folks also don't like to have to throw-out a gizmo that should be easily repairable. Note to self: the PressurePro sensors are garbage-truck proof. Your mileage may vary. ;-) At any rate, some interesting links on this subject: The LowPowerDevice standard: A RaspberryPi project to decode the 433Mhz devices Background on TPMS theory: "Pressure and Temperature Microsensor Based on Surface Acoustic Wave in TPMS" ... cheers Art Renda Documentation Central, Silverleaf Electronics (888) 741-0259